Does Project Payday Really Work? Barely If You Ask Me!

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My Project Payday Review

Product name: Project Payday

Link: or

Owners: Monika St. John or Jeff Walker

Level of Experience Needed: Beginner

Price: $4.95

Overall Rank: 1/10



This review about Project Payday will be fairly confusing for a very simple reason.

Not only have I heard a ton of mixed opinions on this product varying from scam to excellence from trusted sources, I can’t seem to find the actual site.

Therefore I will have to gather information from other sites and make a resume, including my own experience.

From what I could find, Project Payday used to be a site you could simply go on and sign up for free.

You would not be charged anything and you would be compensated by performing simple tasks, such as signing up or filling out surveys for third party sites.

Usually you would find that these types of payments usually aren’t very rewarding. Any survey site that promises you thousands is lying.

You typically make something varying from $5-$50 if you’re lucky and spend a ton of time with it.

But here’s what happens when I tried to go on either of these websites:


I was always redirected to…

Very dodgy to begin with if you ask me!

When I tried finding the site on Google, the same thing happened to me as well.

BUT since I don’t like to give up easily I tried out different ways and I finally found out that if you typed www.ProjectPayday.NET you could access it.

So once I fiiiinally arrived at their actual site, I watched through the video that’s supposed to explain how their system works.

As usual, they just show a bunch of earnings someone made supposedly which should convince me to join (see screenshot below).

Does Project Payday Really Work explanation video

Bearing in mind the latest earning this person made was in 2012, which is not very recent to say the least.

What’s also a bit fishy is that they claim that Project Payday will not replace your job but it can heavily increase your side earnings.

However if I would make around $2,000-$4,000 on the side, I could definitely replace my job as most people could.

Especially if you’re only working on this part time, it should be more than enough to replace a normal job, once you do this full time.

OK so I tried to finally understand how the system ACTUALLY works, therefore I read through their explanation page.

They start off by giving 4 valid reasons why you should join:

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s not a scam and you won’t become rich
  3. You work online
  4. You don’t need any experience

Still no where near of getting a clear answer. What followed next actually made me giggle a little.

You get 3 more steps which will ‘actually’ explain how it works and these are the steps:

  1. Sign up if you haven’t done so already (well no I haven’t because I don’t know what I’m signing up for yet)
  2. Watch through the training videos which will teach you 3 methods in which you will be making money with, all of which work by signing up to a IFW.
  3. Now you that you know what an IFW is you can start off with the suggested list.

Uh, I think I missed your explanation in step 2 because there was none?

But here’s the best bit, I thought that maybe I’m just being a bit impatient and I should just sign up and go through the videos.

They must explain how it works and what an IFW actually is.

So when I click on the signup link guess where I got redirected too… (answer in below image):

Does Project Payday Really Work or traffic brokers

So basically Project Payday doesn’t exist anymore yet it advertises to sign up for it anyway.

If you read through TrafficBrokers sales page, you get the same BS you just read at Project Payday.

Some guy (Jeff Walker) made a ton of cash online and wants to share how. He swore never to hire people and wants to work alone.

But later he claims that him and his team handpicked the best methods for you to make money… we’ll let this one slip I guess.

Eventually you’ll go through the whole rollercoaster again of:

Follow these simple steps, sign up, he’ll explain how it works, follow their steps, etc.

And once you finally sign up, you’re asked to pay some membership for a survey membership called SurveyScout.

Even though he promised you didn’t need to pay anything and that he didn’t need your money… Thanks Jeff!


Who Is Project Payday For?

If you want to be mislead and jump around from sales page to sales page to eventually end up at a Survey program, this is definitely for you.

Now, I didn’t bother signing up to the trial membership because I know what survey sites are like.

Does project payday work survey scout is what you get

Either you spend hours to get a few pennies or you spend hours and get a dollar or two.

My time is worth more than that and it shows that Project Payday is just a bunch of nonsense.

It also makes no sense to me to have a trial period for a survey membership.

How much training do I really need to understand how to fill out forms?

What I wasn’t comfortable with at all, was the fact that I had to go through 3 different company names and figure out for myself what the business is.


Trainings And Tools

Apparently you are presented with some videos eventually which are supposed to teach you 3 different methods of earning money online.

But from what I’ve gathered their main tool is the Survey page.

I’m assuming the second method would be to refer other people to sign up, thus giving you affiliate commissions.

As there was no clear instructions of anything, I won’t be able to disclose what the third method actually is.

Nevertheless the training is mainly going through videos and that is pretty much it.


Pros VS. Cons


  • Video training
  • Possible to make some sort of money


  • Incredibly mysterious about their business
  • Actual site just a front to redirect you to another front that redirects you to their actual business
  • The name TrafficBroker has no relation to their actual business
  • You basically sign up for free to sign up to a paid program
  • 3 different names for one page sounds incredibly dodgy


Final Verdict

If you’d walk in an Apple store to get a new iPhone, realizing you are suddenly in a Samsung store that sells Nokia phones, would that seem normal?

No! And neither does it seem normal for Project Payday to be called TrafficBrokers and making you sign up for SurveyScout.

If this dodgy way of sending you around hasn’t scared you off yet, please listen to me when I say that surveys aren’t worth it.

If you are really looking into making some money online, you might as well spend your time learning something valuable.

This is how I’ve made most of my money online and it’s pretty much passive income since you set it up once and let it run on autopilot.

Of course you can scale and you need to put some work behind it. But it is legitimate, no scam and actually works.

I don’t recommend it as my #1 Product for nothing. It’s because I’m using it and actually believe in it, seeing as I see results from the training.

Best of all it’s actually free to join and no you’re not forced to pay a trial fee to see what you get.

I started off with a free membership myself!

To answer the question if project payday works, I would have to say probably…

I wouldn’t recommend it and neither would I say it is a scam but it definitely has a shady background. Therefore stay away from it!

Thanks for reading and I hope this was useful for some of you!


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