Do I Make My Website Mobile Friendly? Is It Necessary?

tablet and smarphone

Are You Mobile Yet?

If you’re a blogger or own a website, you most definitely must have a mobile friendly website.

If not, then you are seriously missing out.

There are around 6 billion people that own a cellphone/mobile phone, so if we just assume that even a fraction of those own a smartphone, you can easily see why a mobile friendly site can be important.tablet and smarphone

Think about your own daily habits and how you personally use your phone or tablet.

Whether you’re waiting for public transport or in a waiting room at the doctors, the newest habit we’ve adapted, is to go on our smartphones and browse through our social media accounts or random websites.

With ever evolving technology, gadgets like tablets and watches that let you browse the internet and download applications, websites that don’t adapt will see a steep decline in traffic and conversions.

So how do I make my website mobile friendly?

It is a lot easier than most people assume.

In this article I will breakdown simple points what a mobile friendly website should look like, why you should do the same to yours and how you can create one.

Why Go Mobile

As I’ve mentioned above, there are millions of smartphone users around the globe.

Each one of these users could be a potential client/customer/visitor to your website.

Why should you then limit yourself and miss out on these?

The days of PC’s and fixed stationaries for surfing online are long gone.

Today we can barely hold a conversation without pulling out a smartphone and showing some videos on YouTube or link to a website.

smart watch usage
New gadgets are just around the corner and quickly evolving our consumer habits

It is for that exact reason, that you should have an attractive and user friendly website that people can access on all of their devices.

Here’s a small list of great reasons why you too should have a mobile friendly site:

  • Nearly everyone keeps their smartphone in their pocket, handbag or somewhere else that is quickly reachable.
  • More people around the globe own a cell-/mobile phone than a toilet or a toothbrush (hygiene is overrated I guess)
  • Over 50% of the current internet traffic is on mobile phones!
  • Some statistics claim that people prefer to complete activities such as banking transactions, directions and travel bookings, entertainment (games, apps, music) and most importantly shopping on mobile devices rather than fixed computers.
  • Google prefers mobile friendly sites and encourages them for higher customer satisfaction.

Overall you can see how a mobile friendly website will attract a lot more customers towards your benefit.

You are simply missing out, especially if the search engine giant wants you to do something.

As you know, you should always be ahead of your competition.

Don’t let other websites in the same business as yours get away with a head start.

What Does Mobile Friendly Look Like?

If you don’t know what mobile friendly translates to, it can be hard to know what changes to make.

To keep it simple,2 simply pick up a smartphone or a tablet and go on your website.

This is the first step of course. If you don’t own a tablet or smartphone, ask the person next to you or go to a phoneshop, Apple store or any other place that sells them.

They are always exposed and free to try out in shops.

Next thing you want to do is, you want to look at the images on your website and your text.

If everything is placed neatly and nothing looks over the edge and is cut off, that’s a good sign.

apple store gadgets
Go to any Apple store to try out your mobile friendly website

If however the sizes of the images are too large, so that the images are cut in half, you can instantly tell that the website’s been accessed as if you were using a PC.

Other great features of mobile friendly sites are:

  • Being able to zoom in and out of websites by pinching your fingers on the smartphone screen
  • Fairly big call-to-action buttons. You must make it easy for your viewers to browse and navigate through your site.
  • If contact details matter, make sure to have a small map to find locate your store and click to call functionality.

Things you should avoid or remove:

  • Don’t make it the never ending story. If your customer finds himself scrolling forever to get to the bottom of the page, you know something is wrong. This also goes for horizontal scrolling
  • Tiny link buttons are anyones nightmare.
  • Although zooming is a good feature, this doesn’t mean all of the content on your site should need zooming to be viewable.

These features are pretty basic and the most important ones. If you can’t keep these few points maintained on your site it will be hard your viewers, to enjoy their experience.

Look at your website as if you were a really old person that isn’t up to date with technology.

It will give you an idea how it should look and which way you want your site to be functioning.

Basically the easier you can handle and navigate through your site on a mobile device, the better your website is optimized.


How To Befriend My Site With The Mobile World?

Now that you know what type of feature your mobile friendly website should have, you can start optimizing it.

If you’re using WordPress, chances are that the theme you chose when you created your website is already optimized for mobile devices.

I don’t think there are any themes left that haven’t been updated.

But in case there are, my first advice would be to switch themes.

Make sure to backup everything before you do, because you never know if the new theme might harm your content.

Don’t be afraid to change the look of your website because changing themes can give it a positive boost.

Besides that there are so many similarly looking themes, so you can go and look for one that matches your old look.

My second advice would be to have a look at certain plugins.

One great plugin for mobile optimization is ‘WP Touch’.

It lets you customize your entire website with a mobile friendly theme.wordpress plugin wp touch

All you have to do is go and log into your website dashboard > go to plugins and add new > search for WP Touch > and hit download and install.

The plugin is completely free (with a paid pro feature) and once installed and activated, your website should instantly pass the Google mobile friendliness test.

To see if your website is already mobile friendly or if you want to test your site once you’ve made some changes, try out the Google mobile-friendly test here!

All it takes to do the test is to go on the link and type in your website URL. Nice and simple way to find out.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas how to optimize the mobile experience for consumers, please feel free to share them with me.

These are only a few ideas and tips I could find and come up with personally.

Have you managed to optimize your website yet? Did you make a switch throughout the life of your website?

If so, did you see a significant change in terms of traffic or conversions?

Please share your thoughts and ideas below. Comments are always greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for reading,


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