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Importance Of Business Cards

You might be wondering why an affiliate marketer might need to own a business card. After all he doesn’t interact with people on a face to face basis whilst running his business.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what type of business you own, business cards will come in handy regardless. This is why I wanted to create a small tutorial and show you how easy it is to create your own designer business card in a few simple steps!

Whether you own a coffee shop or a animal shelter, if you’re a real estate agent or a hairdresser, you should always be ready to have business cards.Personalized business card

With a business card, not only will you come across a lot more professional and seem like you know what you’re doing, I also personally feel like the person that hands me a business card has a certain level of experience in what he is doing.

It shows a form or trustworthiness  and that he or she has been in the game for a while.

There are actually quite a few more benefits to owning a business card such as:

  • People will be able to remember you personally and trust your business more
  • They can reference you’re website or business when they forget the link
  • They might recommend you to friends and family, if they like your service
  • You can hand them out quickly and gain more exposure

And there are probably a lot more I can’t think of right now. Overall it is pretty obvious that it won’t hurt to have business cards.

Where And How?

So where and how exactly can we create our cards? If you have a lot of money and some time, you can hire a designer to create your business logo and let them decide what looks best on your card, if they are willing to do that for you.

Once you have your logo and design, you need to find a company that prints and sells custom made business cards and can order a couple of hundred with them.

Or you could do it the simple way. Create your own logo like I’ve previously shown you, upload it onto a user friendly website that prints flyers, business cards and other marketing utilities and make your order.

You can add whether or not you want to include your website that you’ve created, name, number, address etc.

This can all be done very quickly and very cost efficient as well.

Whatever you want and however you want. If you think this is a lot harder than you thought, don’t be afraid because I’ve created a very easy to follow guide that you can see below:

As you can see that was very quick and very easy. I wanted to add that Vistaprint’s quality really is amazing. Even for the standard cards I have to admit it is better than most cards I’ve received in my life.

A lot of professional businesses have the cheapest cards you can imagine. They often look very cheesy and have the weirdest messages on them. Some of the business cards I’ve received were overloaded with information whilst others just had their logo and a tiny map in the back on how to reach them.

Ideal Business Card

Here’s my thought and advice on how to create your perfect business card:

  1. Purpose – First of all you need to figure out what exactly your business card is supposed to represent. If you’re an affiliate marketer or have a business that doesn’t require your phone number, all you need to write on it is your name, E-mail and business logo/name. Maybe you can include that you’re the owner of the business. If however you provide several services, include a few bullet points on what services you provide. A coffee shop owner might want to include a fidelity card on the back side.
  2. Simplicity – Like I mentioned in the video, keep it short. Don’t write an essay on your card, write a memorable slogan, email etc. You could also include your Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.
  3. Accurate – One of the biggest mistakes my partner and I made in our first business, is that we included cards that had spelling mistakes. As time progressed, our E-mail changed as well as our phone number. Needless to say this was quite embarrassing and came across really unprofessional, which brings me to my next point..
  4. Professionalism – Make sure you have a professional E-mail, Clean card and a way of passing your card. Don’t pass other peoples business cards by accident or forget your cards. If your cards aren’t clean that is really bad. I once ran out of my cards and bumped into a really important person that asked for contact details and of course I couldn’t hand him one. He said he would remember our company name but we never heard of him again…
  5. Keep A Stack – Always pack a few in certain places. Have a few cards in your wallet, car, jackets etc. This way you will never run out if you’re in an event or an important meeting. You never know when you run into someone that could change your business.

    Make sure to take notes and review your card before designing and ordering it
    Make sure to take notes and review your card before designing and ordering it

These 5 points should be a must for all of you that want to create your own business cards. Hopefully you’ll never make the same mistakes I made.

However you learn from mistakes and now that I’ve shared mine you won’t have to repeat them yourselves. For your first order, don’t get sold on all the fancy upgrades they offer, because like I said, most other businesses have a lot worse business cards and it’s money spent for nothing.

Don’t rush things either. Go through your design several times and ask a few people what they think of it. When you finally made a choice, place your order. Don’t order too many either. Get a stack and once that stack is gone, you can always re-order or modify your next order.

Little hint, you always get a 20-25% discount voucher for your next order so don’t buy too many for the first shipment!

I hope this was a useful tutorial for some of you and if you have any questions, thoughts or comments, don’t hesitate to leave your message below.

I will be more than happy to answer back and help you out!

Thanks for reading and watching this tutorial!




  1. I am a huge fan of business card creation! I’ve been making my own business cards since I opened my own home based biz back in 1995! But of course, I made several before I even became a legit business back then. lol!

    Vistaprint is my go to all the way! They provide the BEST cards in the industry and the tools to create on the fly or upload your own design. I usually get the $10 for 250 deal every time, just by searching for codes available or watch for their next TV commercial!

    I don’t even put an address on my cards anymore (because I seemed to move too much before purchasing our latest home), and as for phone numbers, I recommend for those interested to get a Google Voice number that can roam with them. That way, if you do get a new number, you can just use it with your Google Voice account and never have to worry about your phone number on the card being obsolete!

    Great post!

    • Hey,

      I made my first in 2014 and it was great fun. I felt so professional with my little cards handing them out to customers. Sadly that business went under and now I’m restarting the whole affiliate marketing stuff.

      Once I get a little more advanced I will also get my cards ready!

      Completely agree that Vista print is one of the best out there. They’re so cheap and have excellent quality in their products.

      I wasn’t even aware of the google voice thing you just mentioned. I will have to check that out! That’s great advice.

      Thanks and thanks for reading 🙂


  2. Hey

    From what I gather there are hundreds of places I can by business cards why do you think visata print is the best company to go for?

    I have not had much experience with business cards so I would like a bit of direction on which company’s tend to do a more comprehensive job, from customer support to the finished product.

    • Hey,

      I’m not saying there isn’t any better out there but from my experience vista print is really good. The customer service was a bit disappointing as they didn’t answer any emails but when I called them they solved the issue instantly when I had one.
      I only had an issue once with them.

      As for the quality and speed I was so impressed. It’s super easy to create your own cards and honestly I can’t find better quality business cads. That’s why I’m happy sharing them as a company to take care of your cards. Plus the prices are more than reasonable.

      Like I mentioned, they always give you a discount for your next purchase as well and they have a lot of promotions. I definitely encourage you to try it out at least!

      Hope that helps,


  3. Hi Esteban

    Sweet! I have been looking in to creating business cards for my online business, and I do agree that business cards are suited to anyone in any business!

    Thanks for the video, and Vistaprint looks like an Awesome site to design my business cards on 🙂

    Thank You for the business card hints and tips as well as they will come in handy as I promote my online business offline.


    • Hey Neil,

      Very happy you found this so useful 🙂 Vistaprint is definitely super user friendly.

      I still have to start getting my own but at the moment my budget is really tight and I’ve got so many things going on I barely find the time to do this.

      I did use them before and was extremely satisfied with the results.

      Let me know what your cards look like once you’ve ordered them 🙂


  4. Great post on creating business cards here, Esteban! There are little necessities in our businesses we often forget to find the ‘how tos’ about, but the moment we are reminded we’re like: “I wasn’t quiet sure about this at all”! So here you have something that’s sure to interest a lot of people, and great stuff for affiliate marketing. I’m saving this page right away because I can tell I need to scour more into this site for a few more tips – and, who knows, even great deals!

    • Hey Stephen,

      Your comment really started my day off with a smile 🙂

      I really love helping people and when I see that some of my information turns out to be useful to people like you it’s just a great feeling!

      Thanks for taking the time to go through the article and I hope there are some more posts you might enjoy!


  5. I really liked this idea. At first I did think why would an affiliate marketer have these. But then it did start to make sense. I like the idea of keeping a stack of these wherever you may be so that you never run out of them.

    I did have an idea about these which I would like to ask you. Do you think that it is right or ethical to leave these business cards in practical places where people will see them? I would be very much interested in your answer to this question.

    • Hey,

      Yea I mean affiliate marketing doesn’t necessarily have to happen online only. Word of mouth can be a very powerful form of marketing. That’s why these business cards can come in handy so that they don’t forget the name of your site.

      I don’t think it’s unethical to leave them behind in practical places. I used to leave behind business cards at a gym before. I mean people might not even pick them up unless there’s a funky image on it or something. But to answer your question I actually think that’s a very smart idea if you have enough to place them around.

      Make sure the property owner or shop is ok with having them lying around though. You don’t want to get in trouble.

      Great idea though!

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