Creating Life You Deserve – (The Motivation You Need)

creating life you deserve title

creating life you deserve title

Where To Begin?

Some people dream success while others wake up and work hard at it.” – Winston Churchill

Let me start by telling you how I got started. I always dreamt of fancy cars and luxuries, traveling the world and eating exquisite food.

Creating life you deserve surely isn’t the easiest task, but it’s not impossible either.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might know that I have tried many things to create that fancy life.

Yet none of these seemed to work out or be the right approach for me.

It’s affiliate marketing that opened my eyes and made me realize, that I too can do this and succeed.

Mark Cuban once said that if you don’t believe in your own business you will never succeed.

My first company was a great idea, I still think it is, however I was busy working during the day and learning how to trade at night.

After studying I tried to focus on my business which was near impossible. All along my partner and I had an exit strategy in case this business would fail.

Having an exit strategy means you don’t fully believe in your business.

This is what Mark Cuban meant! He even goes as far as saying your business idea has to be an obsession and something you love!

Only then will you truly succeed.creating life you deserve do what you love

It’s quotes of successful people like these that made me realize what kind of a gold nugget I’m currently holding!

I fell in love with the idea of making money online years ago but only recently realized the massive potential it actually has.

This article will talk and highlight the following things:

  • What influenced me
  • The IKEA effect
  • How to stay on the right track
  • Different sources to get started

The goal of this post will be to motivate you to start getting involved. I’m not telling you what to do, I just try to help and guide you.

You might not want all the luxuries and fancy things I want, but I’m sure a little extra cash will be handy, regardless of who you are.

My Influences

Basically it all started with my first job really. I was really unfulfilled and pretty much chasing the money.

I thought that if I’d work hard make an impression, the money will start flowing into my account.

It took me about 1 month to realize that I didn’t like being someone, that the corporate world wants to see.

Waking up early every morning, being stuck in traffic etc. all of that just to cash in a lousy paycheck.

Even if I would have earned 20 times as much, I think I wouldn’t have lasted longer than a few more years.

There is so much more to life than being stuck in an office. I’ve written about the rat race lifestyle before so I won’t go too much into this.

The other main influence was the evidence I discovered.

If you dig around long enough, you will find people like myself and other much more successful bloggers, Internet marketers and affiliate marketers.

If you combine the slightest motivation you have to escape a dull working life and looking at other peoples laptop lifestyle, knowing it’s possible you will get there!

Why wouldn’t you want to be creating life you deserve?

Once you’ve established enough courage and motivation, you need the right source of education.creating life you deserve the chart

With millions of scams around, it can be very disheartening and discouraging to sign up to an expensive course and just realize you wasted your money.

This is actually how I got started, which is why I review a product from time to time that sounds interesting.

My best advice is to get to know already successful marketers. Learn from them and repeat.

This is where my mentor advised me to sign up to a free program. The course would take me by the hand and explain the basics.

Being taught step by step made me feel secure and it would teach me to stand up on my own two feet.

Additionally I was seeing the progress I was making.

This could also be called the IKEA effect.

As I was building my site and adding bits and pieces to a proven/ functioning model, my business slowly came together.

The blueprint was already in my hands.

The more I followed the instructions the stronger my business was performing.

Of course I am proud of what I’ve achieved so far thanks to this model but I am no where near my goals yet.


Most people think they know all there is once they went through the basis of the course or once they understood the basics of affiliate marketing.

However, especially with the internet as a continuously evolving medium, the education shouldn’t stop there.

Currently I follow around 15-20 blogs, all of which teach something on blogging, affiliate marketing and generally about making money online.

Each day I learn something new and extremely valuable which I want to implement somehow.creating life you deserve takes time

A lot of my core education and important updates can be found on Wealthy Affiliate, which is why I don’t see myself leaving that community ever.

I meet a ton of interesting super affiliates who tell me they only stick around to teach others and to hear about updates themselves.

They’ve surpassed the training years ago yet they remain in the community.

Another important point I needed to make is that you should ignore negative influences.

“Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure”Earl Wilson

I can’t tell you how often people told me to stop being stupid and facing reality. Getting a real job would be the right choice and if I don’t do it now I’ll be too late.

The list of ‘great advice’ these people give me is endless.

These people are the exact same people that will never achieve anything great.

Think about it this way, if they were so much smarter and so much more successful than you, how come they are still waking up every morning, walking into the same office they did 5 years ago?

How come they don’t travel the world without asking for permission and checking their budget to make sure they can afford it?

It’s because they fear you will achieve what they can only dream of.

They might seem successful on the outside for others due to one simple trick with which they fool themselves.

They will fuel boring lifestyle with materialistic happiness which doesn’t compare to the freedom a laptop lifestyle can be compared with.

Studies have actually proven that materialistic happiness only lasts momentarily as:

  • The excitement wears off
  • It clutters up your home therefore causing more stress
  • You’re trying to fill an endless hole, so you can never have enough

If I think about it, the last time I used an electronic gadget for fun was months ago.

Currently this is because I can’t seem to find a moment where I don’t want to work on my business, but even so I’d rather be active by hitting the gym, meeting people, relaxing, reading etc.

These ‘free’ sources of entertainment provide much more value than a momentary device which will be out of fashion in a few months.

In order to be creating life you deserve, you don’t need to listen to people telling you what to do unless it’s good advice.create life you deserve by staying focused and on track!

Neither do you need to waste your money on materialistic goods you don’t need. These will just distract you and keep you off track.

Look at your money as a tool of investment to invest in valuable assets.

If success were easy, everyone would be self employed and walk around happy through life.

Would I have listened to all the sources about what would be best for me, I probably wouldn’t have earned a single penny online by now.

The fact that my progress has consistently been growing, is actually living proof, that I should definitely not give up.

I would be insane to do so.

Look at my income reports! I went from making nothing to a couple of dollars and every month has been increasingly higher (my next month will be the most successful month yet again)!

I know it isn’t a significant number but if my growth continues this way, I’ll be making more than my last salary (which was quite ok) in no time.

Even if it takes me another 2 years, I’m willing to risk that because consistency is the key to succeed.

Besides, the fact that I already generated some money online is enough proof for me to keep going until I reach a salary that looks like my phone number!

Too Many Ways To Succeed

Clearly there is more than one set path you can take to achieve success.

The important factor is that you have an interest for it. We’ve talked about this previously and many times before.

But once you find that passion, that one thing you really like and know you can succeed with, where will you find your blueprint?

This is a crucial part of your progression.

I have to reinforce the importance of the right source of education, simply because it makes the road to success so much easier.

Whether you have a passion for…

… choose one and stick with it. Make it an obsession until you reach the stage of ‘creating life you deserve’!

Although you probably could find all the help you need online on forums and other free sources, it will be quite overwhelming to dig through.

Instead connect and network with already self employed people with a proven track record, within that niche.

What I love about affiliate marketing, is that you can choose any niche and monetize it, hence the reason I got involved with it.

The only issue with learning and the internet, is that there is too much nonsense out there.

As previously mentioned, too many scams rob people off their hard earned money and scare them off.

I review some products from time to time, to avoid this from happening too much, given the fact that you would land here and read the review before purchasing the product of course.

But unfortunately these scammers are very persuasive and clever with their campaigns and lure in a lot of desperate people.

It is for that reason that I am grateful I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate. Not only do they teach all the basics, but it’s proven to be profitable.

I’m not saying there aren’t any other good programs out there, but WA definitely has the #1 spot on my list!

In the end, no matter how good or bad a program or community is, it all comes down to your efforts.

You could teach yourself everything or you could have a great mentor. If you don’t work hard on it daily, you’ll end up with a dead end business regardless.

So every night when you go to bed, think about what you can achieve if you put your heart to it and when you wake up think about where you want to wake up in the future.


After discussing what should influence you, what should motivate you and which sources to trust and follow, you should be aware how to proceed by now.

The truth is, it all comes down to your own doing.

If you ask me, stop over-thinking and just go ahead and do it! The earlier you start, the quicker you’ll succeed.

Look at it this way, if I would have started to invest $100 every month since the day of my birth up until my current age (27) into some funds with a medium interest rate of 10%, I would be sitting on around $145,000.00 now!

Facts like these make me wish I knew about investing earlier.

But it goes for every other option as well. Educate yourself on your niche now and you will be making money before you know it.create life you deserve by creating your blog

So my advice is, to start a blog now. Just blog about your journey like I do or blog about your hobby/ passion.

Don’t think of it as a money making blog. Just start blogging and see how it goes. Maybe you’re afraid you’re not a good writer.

Or you could be afraid that you don’t know any technicalities about creating a blog (which is why I created this tutorial).

Once you see how easy it is and start to get comfortable with it, move on to learning about affiliate marketing.

As it is free to start you have nothing to lose and nothing to waste. All you’ll do is learn and gain through it.

Every experience teaches you something.

Better yet, sign up at Wealthy Affiliate for free, simply to see what it has to offer. See what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

But if you’re serious about making a second stream of income and quitting your job eventually, you will soon realize the potential and want to upgrade.

By all means, I’m not telling you what to do nor do I intend to do so.

All I am trying to achieve with this article is to motivate you to give yourself the chance to change so that you can be creating life you deserve.

There is more than enough help around within the community and if you ever get stuck all you need to do is ask!

People will be throwing themselves at you and make sure you get the right answer.

That is the beauty of the program. If you’re interested in a slightly different approach to success, you can always look at the positive reviews I’ve written.

I hope this was an insightful article and I truly wish you at least consider to joining for free.

Honestly I don’t see how people don’t take that offer. If you do nothing you will get nothing.

Thanks for reading this post and if you do end up joining, please make the effort to connect with me so that I can get to know you!

Any questions or comments can be left below and don’t be too shy to share this article if you enjoyed it.



    • It’s about time you get going Emily 🙂 You’ve been wanting to do it for a while now! Nothing holding you back but your own will and I know you’ll enjoy it 🙂

  1. “No matter how good or bad a program or community is, it all comes down to your efforts.” Very true indeed.

    You can provide anyone with the tools, education, and everything else he or she needs to succeed, but if that person doesn’t take action, the knowledge that they acquired must be considered as being wasted.

    Your post I know will help a lot of people to take action, but it is they who persevere in the race of life wins!

    Thanks for sharing Esteban.


    • Hey Jason,

      Very nicely said. The truth is even with the best education and tools you can’t succeed if you don’t have the drive to do so.

      Anything can be learned and taught but doesn’t mean it will be applied.

      Thanks for agreeing and commenting 🙂


  2. Hello Essi,
    This is indeed a very motivating and thought provoking post.

    I love the internet lifestyle because of the freedom that comes with it and i bet you that there is no other profession on earth that offers such freedom.

    Living from paycheck to paycheck is never going to make you wealthy as you said, you will only be looking good and rich from the outside whereas you have nothing.

    If I’m to choose a profession once again, i will still go for blogging and internet marketing.

    • Hey Theodore,

      I really tried to be engaging and motivating to others 🙂 Glad it came across that way.

      Honestly I can’t think of any other lifestyle anymore. I know I’ve still got a long way but I know that this will be my life from now on.

      There can’t be a better more rewarding job (in terms of freedom) when it comes to freedom.

      I wish I knew about it earlier to be honest 🙂

      Glad you share the same view. Thanks,


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