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Stress related headaches

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In todays world we are surrounded by an energetic and dynamic world, which constantly evolves and improves. We as humans have to keep up with all the changes and the speed they change at. This is one of the reasons we are constantly bombarded with updates and trainings to become faster and better at our jobs. Naturally this competition leads to a lot of stress.Calendar

I barely know anyone who doesn’t live under the influence of daily stress anymore. Of course we try to lower the levels of stress impacting us and there are several of us, who try to find the newest and best ‘coping with stress strategies‘.

When I started my first proper job, I discovered the true meaning of stress. Sure I had certain moments when I felt under pressure, when I was younger, such as running for a bus or being late for an appointment and most of all during academic exams.

But these don’t even get close to the stress situations I face during the years of my first job.

How Stress Influences Us

The worst thing about stress is that it doesn’t just last for a short period of time. Here’s how it took over during my day and I’m sure most of you could relate to it equally:

  1. Alarm goes off, I’m still tired so I snooze, knowing I won’t fall back asleep but just rest my eyes while thinking I should get up soon
  2. After snoozing the alarm several times I already know I’m slightly behind schedule, so I start rushing to the bathroom (first moment of stress)
  3. Finally dressed, driving to work and being stuck in traffic (next moment of stress, even if I would arrive on time)
  4. Get to my office and start doing the morning tasks, checking emails, answering phone calls etc. (that’s when the mother of Stress arrived and won’t leave me for the rest of the day, not even during lunch as I know what’s coming after lunch)
  5. Once I’m done with work and my clothes are drenched of nervous sweat, I finally get home and the next wave of passive stress arrives. Cook dinner, maybe rush to the shops before, to get some groceries, clean up after eating, try to relax for 1 hour before bed and the days over.

Headaches through stressAnd this routine went on for several years. I’m sure a lot of you face the same issues like I said, but that’s (sadly) the routine of modern life. Luckily I wasn’t someone that got a lot of migraines and headaches. I only had to take painkillers once or twice as far as I remember.

Deal With Your Stress

When people face stress issues, they’re always being told how to deal with it, or how to cope with it. Some people suggest meditating whereas others give the advice to take a deep breath.

I think most of us take holidays to escape the real world and forget about things for a while. For me that hardly ever worked, because I always had this passive counter in my head telling me “only 4 more days and you have to get back to work”.

On top of that I would get back from my holiday and I would have to buy more groceries before work, wash all my clothes in order to have fresh ones for work etc. and the stress started, even before I was back in my routine.switch your brain

I also saw a presentation of a woman that taught people to see stress as a positive thing. Because although it is very bad for your health, with a few exercises you could turn it around and use it as a benefit.

Certain reasons included:

  • Release of the oxytocin hormone which makes us more social.
  • Pounding heart which makes you prepared for action. If you embrace stress, your blood vessels don’t constrict but stay relaxed, which makes it a benefit to you.
  • And other benefits not worth mentioning as they relate to the above two points working together.

So we are now taught to live and embrace our stress, in order to function effectively and not get fatal illnesses through them.

Why Not Eliminate Stress ?

Here’s where I get confused with the entire story. Why are we being taught to cope or live with our stressful situations. When I’m facing a stressful moment I would rather not be stressed than having to teach myself certain exercises to be able to simply ‘cope’ with it.

Why are we not allowed to get away from the stress and live a simple comfortable life that doesn’t require stress training. Surely that must be healthier?

In the past few days I’ve felt so relaxed and at ease not having to do tasks at work, I really cannot be bothered to. The last few days before I resigned I cared less about getting in late or having to meet deadlines and guess what… I felt a lot better and less stressed.flick away stress

This is why I am now devoting myself 100% to affiliate marketing. I don’t like being stressed, I never did. I enjoy being relaxed and taking my time with things. This is what affiliate marketing has taught me. That I am capable of living a stress free lifestyle and that’s what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.

What Does A Stress Free Life Look Like?

It’s funny that I even had to ask myself this question but, at one point I almost became immune like most people are now, towards the reality of living a stressful life.

Weekends were the weekly escape of the uncomfortable environment of work and Saturdays became the chore days. On Sundays the house needed cleaning and forced relaxation were on the menu as well, as it was the daunting day before to globally hated Monday!

Here’s how I like to spend my new time:

  • Do the chores once a week as before, but waking up comfortably without an alarm is priceless, it almost brings tears to my eyes.
  • Being able to sort governmental stuff out without rushing in and out of my office during lunch but on my own pace and time.
  • Cooking and eating my own meals (no more sandwiches for lunch)
  • Being able to exercise during the day
  • Being able to benefit from the sun!

These are things that I have been taking for granted almost my entire childhood and teenage years. As an adult I learned the value of the small things.relax

When I was stuck in my office looking outside the window seeing the birds sing and the sun burning the concrete, while I was stuck inside in a suit and leather shoes, that really put me over the edge!

So these are my coping strategies stress needs: Elimination!

Don’t try to cope with it get rid of it!


I know I am no where near of being able to say that I’m a wealthy affiliate marketer and that my life is amazing now, but it is a whole lot better than before and I am a lot less grumpy and miserable already.

It’s actually quite scary how much a job can influence your personality. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a very joyful character and silly a lot of the time. But when I was thrown in a pool of stress, a lot of the times that joy and silliness disappeared.

Now I’m happy I found a solution to the problem and I don’t see myself going back. I hope to have encouraged some of you which feel the same way, to at least give it a try. Maybe affiliate marketing isn’t your field but there are so many other better options than sitting in an office.

Thanks for reading and I hope you take this into consideration at least. Feel free to leave behind comments and share your thoughts!




  1. Hi there,

    I must say WOW. Everything you have discussed I can relate to! I will definitely be coming back to your website to see what else you have to say.

    One comment is that you have a few grammatical errors in your Post. Maybe a quick re-read will help.


    • Hi Laurine,
      Thanks for reading. I’m glad you will be returning to my website 🙂 and even better if you can relate to it! I will definitely re-read my post now that you mention my errors :S maybe I can add that English isn’t my first language 😉 might excuse my errors a little 😛 nevertheless,

  2. Hey Esteban, great article! I understand completely! Sometimes I get so tired of the same stuff going on at my work. People asking me about the same problems that it puts me in an unhappy mood. I’m trying to find my way in this affiliate thing and I really want it to succeed! Still a lot of work to do 🙂 Good Luck!

    • Hey Jurgen,
      You know what else really bothers me in the routine of work? It’s the same questions and answer people give you: “How are you?” – “Monday morning how do you think I am” or just dreading the entire week to get to the weekend was horrible as well!
      Anyway I also have a lot of work to do on my affiliate marketing but it’s entertaining as a job at least 🙂 good luck with your venture!

  3. Hey Esteban,
    Coping with stress can be very difficult and I have literally broken a tooth over stress. My doctor always suggest exercising and soaking up sun to help deal with stress, and since you are now able to do that more since leaving your stressful job, it sounds just like added elimination to stress there :D.
    Best of luck with the stress elimination

    • Hey Sheena,
      I think I was close to breaking some teeth in my sleep once. I was so stressed for a few weeks that I’ve been grinding my teeth extremely hard a t night and I wouldn’t even have noticed if my girlfriend wouldn’t have told me.
      Now I can go to sleep happily and peacefully! I love the sun and now I can finally enjoy it whilst working outside 🙂
      Good luck to you too Sheena

  4. Stress releases oxytocin? I’ve never heard that before! I, too, would rather just get rid of it than learn to cope with it or “embrace” it (no thanks!). I agree that the workaday world is very stressful.

    I hope you achieve much success in your affiliate marketing endeavors!

    • Hi Lainey,
      Yea the whole “benefits” of stress were tests conducted by the Harvard University. But I’d rather release these hormones in a natural way when I’m in a state of happiness and not anxiety and stress!
      Thanks and good luck with yours!

  5. Esteban, Thank you for the post it was good to read and spoke the truth from the begin to the end. Work can be stressful especially if you are like me who sadly suffers from Social Anxiety. Waking up at 7 am is just not me and I am happy to say that I work for myself now.
    I hope that people can read this and can get some good advice on how to deal with stress.


    • Hey Anthony,
      I’m happy for you that you could escape this life and can now be your own boss! I think I have a mild social anxiety issue as well but I won’t have to deal with that anymore!
      Good luck with everything and thanks for reading 🙂

  6. Hey Esteban,

    Stress can be a real killer to one’s mind, spirit and especially to one’s health. And it has to be taken seriously.

    I know so many people that are stressed and I could say if it’s possible overstressed.

    The world is a busy fast paced place, and people have to find ways to de-stress and find their happy place.

    On some level I understand the stresses people can have and on the other hand I don’t. Simple because I can honestly say today and for the past 10 years I have little to no stress in my life.

    And it’s not because I’m special, it’s because I have designed my life or built it so that very little stress occurs in my life.

    I know much of that has to be that I have been making a fulltime income online as of 2005 as an affiliate marketer. Being the master of one’s financial freedom does remove a lot of stress.

    However when stress does occur (and it does from time to time) I have also created the mindset and given myself the resources to deal with it at that moment and get rid of it.

    Great post


    • Hey Leo,
      Your words really inspire me! People like you are the reason I got into the affiliate marketing lifestyle. I cannot wait to travel the world and do things I enjoy simply by working from where I want to work from!
      I can tell by your writing how relaxed you are and that for 10 years must be so good for your mind and body!
      Very inspiring really!
      Thanks for sharing your experience. It just makes me want to become an affiliate marketer even more!

  7. Great post! I struggle with chronic stress, and I have found the easiest way to get rid of it is to keep a regular exercise regimen and meditate each day. It doesn’t have to be hippy meditation either. Just some deep breaths and a relaxing CD or audiobook can do the trick!

    • Have you found out the reasons for your stress causes? I like to tackle my issues from the root cause! I hope that you get rid of it completely eventually. Thanks for reading and I hope it was useful to you in some ways.

  8. Esteban
    Great post. I am dreaming of the day I can resign and just work from my home. I always said that every good vacation always ends with a day at work! Stress infiltrates every aspect of our lives and can be detrimental to our physical and mental health. Good luck eliminating your stress.

    • Hey Roger,
      Infiltrate is probably the best verb to describe it! I recently got made redundant which really helped me becoming an affiliate marketer! This way I didn’t have to make the daunting move to actually resign and quit my job! although I did with my previous one for my latest employer!
      Good luck with getting rid of your stress 😉

  9. You’re so right! Stress can impact on our personality and we don’t even realize it. Your description of a normal week day is similar to what many people go through everyday, and it seems we are getting used to living that way. Good on you for finding a way out.

    • Isn’t it sad how we just get used to being “tortured” on a daily basis? I think we all have the power to escape. It just takes a bit of sacrifice!
      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you support my thought 🙂

  10. This is awesome. So much reality in your article. There were days, when my day used to start with stress and end with more stress. I too recently quit my job and feeling less stressful recently. I had never heard about turning stress for benefit before though, sounds strange!

    • It’s super strange right? Just shows how much we have to carry on our backs and suffer through a career to make stress part of our lives…
      Glad you quit as well Demi 🙂
      All the best!

  11. great article, stress gets the best of all of us without us even knowing it.
    I tell you though, when you have children, you have extra pressure and time constraints, talk about stress.
    I like to manage mine by exercise, I feel it works for me.

    • I can imagine that children add a lot to it! I did feel that exercise helped me a little as well!
      Thanks for reading Michael!

  12. Great post, I can relate!! Stress should definitely be something to be eliminated rather than “coped with”!!
    WA is similar for me… a little side project I enjoy, and keep coming back to when I feel like expressing something – but not something overly disciplined so as to cause stress!! 🙂
    …and, I can take my laptop and do my work anywhere I like!!! 😀 perfect!!

    • That’s exactly right Zoe! Hence why I chose this as my prime job now 😉
      All the best and good luck with your new work.

  13. Hi Esteban,

    Thank you so much for this amazing post. I just came back from holidays and I’m getting back to work tomorrow and can completely relate to everything you’ve said about sitting in an office full of frustration lol
    This is also why I have decided to sign up on wealthy affiliate and it is not easy to keep the motivation up every day but at least I can hold on to this alternative knowing that there is far more better to come!
    I can completely relate to everything you’ve said!
    Thanks again and well done!


    • Hey Kady,
      I was in the same boat as you not long ago. I hated going and getting back from holiday for that exact reason. I am trying my hardest to make WA my full time job. I cannot go back to my previous lifestyle at all anymore haha.
      Makes me sad just thinking about it.
      Just think of your current situation and job every day when your motivation is down and it should go right back to the top and help you write out your next post for your website 😉
      Thanks for enjoying my post.

  14. Hi Esteban:

    This has great information on dealing with stress. Stress is of course something all of us experience from time to time, but being able to handle it in a healthy way is the key. I like what you said about how stress can be a good thing because it does release oxytocin hormones.

    Thank you for this informative article. I look forward to reading more.


    • Hey Stephanie,
      I’m not sure if you understood my point about trying to avoid stress rather than handling it in a good way. I mean of course it’s good to be able to handle it well but the study I mentioned that it could be used as an advantage because of the oxytocin releases etc. is not what I encourage.
      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my post though 🙂

  15. Hi Esteban, I really enjoyed reading your article.
    I think most people can relate to what you have written, but I suppose some people learn to deal with stress better than others.
    It’s good to hear that you made a decision to change your lifestyle and it has helped you to become a happier person.
    I believe that life is short and meant to be enjoyed, so it’s important that our work be something that we have passion in doing.
    That will in turn give us the drive and motivation to face the day and not having to dread going to work.
    I wish you much success!

    • Hey Sue Tay,
      Glad you stopped by to read my post and even more glad that you enjoyed reading it 🙂
      I completely agree with your philosophy about life being short and that it should be enjoyed. Why should we suffer 45 years and only enjoy it in our last few years?
      It’s when we’re young that we have our energy not when we’re old. This is why I am so motivated to make my affiliate marketing work!
      Thanks for the wishes and right back at you 😉

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