Clickbank Pirate Review 2015 – Is It Trustworthy?

clickbank pirate

cbpirateProduct name: Clickbank Pirate


Owners: Cindy Battye and Soren Jordansen

Level of Experience Needed: None to intermediate.

Price: $197 + $67 recurring

Overall Rank: 1 /10



The Clickbank Pirate system, is a course that ultimately promises to teach you, how to make money online through affiliate marketing and more specifically how to do so through Clickbank. This Clickbank Pirate Review will go straight to the point.Screen shot 2015-07-12 at 3.58.41 PM

Once you’ve mastered their technique, you are then apparently in a position, where you can automate your income and let everything run on its own.

Essentially what the course is really teaching you, is how to (kind of) promote online products for them and get a commission of their cut, after you made a sale for them.

Please re-read that above sentence because I did not make a typo! You promote products for them, instead of signing up for the products affiliate program yourself and make them richer and therefore get a cut of your sale.

Not the ideal type of business I’d want to be in, if I would join the affiliate world.


Who is Clickbank Pirate For?

If I were to speak for the creators of then my answer would be, that this course if for beginners who have a slight idea how to create websites and generate traffic.

This way we can make a certain cut of their promotional skills and pay them for it.

Damaging techniques taught
Damaging techniques taught

If I would look it from my point of view, this product is for people who want to get ripped off and work hard while doing so. It doesn’t really teach you how to automate a business and neither does it teach you the necessary skills to succeed.

It merely teaches you how to promote certain products cheaply through your hard work and hard earned traffic. Additionally you get prewritten articles and promotional posts to add to your website, which nowadays is actually damaging for your SEO ranking.


What Exactly Is Clickbank Pirate?

So to break the product itself into a more detailed description, Clickbank Pirate is a course, teaching you to promote products through affiliate programs.

You promote these with your website, sending them to their website, through their affiliate links, with your ID attached to it.

Screen shot 2015-07-12 at 4.05.51 PMThat ID which belongs to you, let’s them know who will get a certain commission for promoting the product.

Normally, products that have been created a few years back ( has been created around 2009), can be good because they’ve been around for a long time and know the ins and outs of the game.

With Clickbank Pirates though, you can see they have gotten lazy, once they started ripping off enough people. If you look at their sales page, all their reports (with no proven liabilities whatsoever) are from the year 2009 – 2012.

Maybe this used to be working for a couple of the subscribers back then but I think by now a lot of people (hopefully) found out that they will be robbed by signing up to this program.


Trainings And Tools

Here comes the interesting part. So as you might know, or should know, there is no easy route to success, at least not with affiliate marketing. Any product that claims otherwise, is most likely to be a scam!

ReportsWith CBP you will receive a PDF manual guide to teach you things in a few minutes, which should probably be taught in several days if not weeks.

Additionally you get video tutorials, prebuilt WordPress websites hosted on CBP and a couple of promotional things such as banners, reports etc. to promote ClickBank pirate.

As I mentioned above, most of the techniques taught in this program are actually more counterproductive than effective. Simply copy pasting things these days will be reported very negatively by Googles Spiders.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Gives you an understanding of affiliate marketing and how it could benefit you
  • You can get a refund off Clickbank
  • You read this review before purchasing the product


  • Too expensive
  • Outdated
  • Cheap training which isn’t thorough at all
  • Get a cut of your own sales instead of full commission which is rightly yours


Final Verdict!

It’s quite obvious that any product, which doesn’t keep up with Googles algorithms, is most likely going to fail eventually and it won’t get you very far. It will most likely damage your ranking and might even get you banned for using certain techniques.

I personally find it weird that people want to work hard to achieve sales, just to give away most of their earnings after and only receive a cut. That is essentially what you are being taught to do with CBP.

There are so many better courses out there (read my most recommended one which is for free here) so I hope you land on this review before you sign up for this phony course.

Although ClickBank Pirate mention that you won’t get rich over night, they should probably mention that you might make a dollar or two through their course, after hard work instead.

Hope this was a useful review. Feel free to leave behind comments.




  1. I have taken a close you at your review and I must admit that is very informative and anyone who intend buying the product will have a second thought.Good work and keep it up.

    • Hey Nkay,

      Thanks for reading and agreeing. I truly wish people can read this before signing up. No one should be that unfortunate to fall for this scam!



  2. hi Esteban!
    After reading your review, I am so not a fan of Clickbank pirate! What a waste of time. Not entirely a scam but very close to it. If there is something on my site, I want to be the one who wrote it. No pre-written blurbs for me. And their commission system just seems weird. And on top of that you have to pay close to 200$ at the beginning. No thanks!

    • Hey Emily,

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s not entirely a scam but in a way it is. I do give the creators credit for being so sneaky and smart with their product. Instead of providing an automated tool to generate passive income for their customers, they created an automated tool for themselves.

      Anyway I’m happy you read and agree with my review.


  3. i guess i’m heading in the same direction (affiliate programs), your post is very informative and nicely done.

    product reviews and how to present them in a page, i will learn alot from your page and site…

    • Hi again,

      Ongi you are very kind 🙂
      I’m sure you will do just as good if not better. I think it’s good to review these pages as people will be better off finding out whether or not certain programs are scams or not. I hope they read reviews such as these before they subscribe to the product.

      Thanks for your comment,

  4. Thanks mate. Good that there are people like you telling people the truth!! What ever you see out there promising you something for nothing, easy income ext. is worth nothing!!! thanks articles like this newbies don’t have to learn hard way like i did- if you know what i mean…once more thanks!!

    • Hey Andy,

      Sad to hear you fell for one of these traps but to be honest so did I!
      Gives me another reason to continue reviewing products and warn the others out there.
      Happy you found this informative and that you agree with me.


  5. Wow! Thanks for reviewing ClickBank Pirate and for presenting the pros and cons so clearly. I’m sure you have saved me from making a grave mistake.

    I absolutely love your recommended training. It’s brilliant and so honest!

    • Gary,
      Happy you found this review before you would make a big mistake and hand money to some crooks!
      My recommended training definitely is worth having a look at, thats for sure!
      Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything if you need help with something!

  6. Hello, I didn’t know there was anything like click bank pirate. I guess there are just too many programs out there with little value to offer.

    Sure, this program seems expensive and from your post I don’t think is recommendable to anyone. I will sure watch out for them, thank you for the info.

    • Hey NNamdi,
      There are tons of programs like these and hopefully I can get at least a fraction of them reviewed on my site. Honestly it’s a shame that so many people offer such valueless programs. I wonder how they can sleep at night knowing they make other people suffer.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!
      Good luck with future projects in terms of affiliate marketing.

  7. The fact that ClickBank Pirate provides its buyers with pre-made content (blogs, articles, etc.) makes it an automatic scam in my eyes. Tactics like this may have worked years ago, but this product is completely out of date. There may be some value to this product if they kept it up to date & provided better training, but mostly it seems like a major rip-off. I’m glad you’re helping others steer clear of this product.

    • Matt,

      Thanks for approving my message 😉
      It’s so true that maybe years ago, we were allowed to be slightly lazier and copy pasting content but now that game is over. Hope everyone stays clear of this product after reading my review!
      Thanks for your comment!


  8. I had only heard of this through their direct link…but I didn’t think anything of it. Your review of this product was great, and I’ll steer clear away from these guys!

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