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Las Vegas Trip Deals

Have you ever wanted to go to Las Vegas? I can’t imagine your answer to this question being no. Anyone should want to go to Vegas at least once in their lives. It’s probably wiser to go at the age of 21 or above, to enjoy the full potential of the city.Las Vegas

There are tons of travel agencies and deals around the world promoting you the cheapest, best, most exciting trip to Vegas. Honestly I will probably beat them with my offer in this post.

If you haven’t read my review of Wealthy Affiliate yet, I encourage you to at least have a peak inside. It offers tons of training and help to succeed in making money through affiliate marketing.

Today I want to emphasize the other bonus you may unlock by subscribing to it. And yes it is completely free!

Working In Vegas?

I personally went to Vegas once and although my flight got cancelled, which made me lose a whole day and when I finally arrived I lost my backpack containing my passport and my laptop, I had an amazing time!

With so much to offer and such little time to see it all, I went running around the city trying to see each and every hotel and getting the full experience of it all. I didn’t manage to see any shows but I did see more than enough to convince me to go back!

Being an affiliate marketer, you could bring your laptop with to Vegas and work while being on vacation. That is my goal! But here’s the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Start by signing up and creating a free account
  • Start going through the bootcamp
  • Once you learned the basics, you automatically qualify for the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

So by signing up to a free community and learning how to make money online, you can qualify for the Vegas Conference.

What Does The Conference Include

Besides meeting the creators of Wealthy Affiliate and other members who clearly know what they’re doing, you will receive a heck of a deal such as:

  • The flight to Sin City paid for!
  • Hotel Accommodation fully paid for (bare in mind this will be in the MGM Grand!)
  • A nice Wealthy Affiliate Package (which to be honest I cannot say what it will include as I haven’t won yet)
  • Attendance to a 3 day conference about affiliate marketing
  • As mentioned above, a private meeting with the creators of the WA community
  • Free entry to a Show. A must when traveling to Vegas!
  • And other goodies that naturally come with the city (gambling, drinks, etc.)panoramic view

So basically you have a trip fully paid for, plus the benefit of learning something by joining a free community and making money through it.

You’re basically being rewarded for doing a good job. It’s more like a job bonus and by that a very fun one as well!

How Does It Work?

If you think there’s a catch to it, then let me reassure you there isn’t. It’s not like you can sign up for a course and be a master within the next month. Achieving a free trip to Vegas through WA takes a lot of dedication and effort.

In order to receive that package, you must learn the strategies of affiliate marketing and mastering them to generate at least 300 sales!Las Vegas!

So basically you have to get 300 people to sign up for a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to know more about the different types of membership, please make sure to read my review – here!

300 might sound like a high number, but if you have an entire year to sell that amount, it doesn’t sound impossible does it?

What If I Sell More Than 300?

If you reached your goal of 300 before the end of the year, I highly encourage you to increase that number by 3000! That’s around 8.21 referrals a day, also very attainable!

What’s the point you ask? Let me share that secret with you also! By selling 3000 Premium Memberships, you will upgrade your Las Vegas Package to the Rolls Royce Incentive Package! This includes:

  • Get Picked up by a personal driver in a Rolls Roycerolls royce
  • Get a personal Butler in a Skyloft of 2000 sq/ft
  • VIP accesses to all shows and clubs!
  • And all above mentioned benefits of course!

If this hasn’t gotten you thirsty for Vegas yet then I don’t know what will. You have to bare in mind that this is an incredibly expensive city as well, so having the benefit of being treated with all of that, you basically have a completely free trip in your hands!

I hope you enjoyed my little secret and maybe I convinced you to at least sign up by now. It is completely free and you can get a completely free trip for it as well. Just don’t be fooled that you don’t have to work for it! If you’ve missed the link to my review here it is again!

With hard work comes great reward!

What are your thoughts on it? Have you ever wanted to go to Las Vegas? Are you willing to work hard for it and be rewarded with a free trip? Share your thoughts and comment below!




  1. Hi Essi, great work, if I hadn’t already signed up to WA this post would have certainly got me to click the sign up button.

  2. Beautiful description of WA! Great work all together. This is a great way to attract more people all around the nation! Keep it up!

    • Thanks Hagop,
      I hope people don’t join just to win a free trip but also to realize the potential it offers for a free lifestyle!

  3. Hi Estaban,

    I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for some time now and I will attest to the fact that if someone truly wants to become an affiliate marketer and is willing to put in the effort that is required they can succeed here!


    • Hi Julie,
      Always happy to see a fellow affiliate marketer. I will definitely not give up until I reach the goal I’m trying to reach 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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