CB Passive Income Review – 2015

cb passive income

CB Passive income product

Product name: CB Passive Income 3.0

Link: www.CBPassiveIncome30.com

Owner: Patrik Chan

Level of Experience Needed: None.

Price: $37/ Month or $97/ Year (With upsells)

Overall Rank: 2 / 10


CB Passive Income 3.0 is a program that is being promoted and sold widely over the internet. It claims to teach you, how to earn money online using little to no effort from the user. It works through an Email list that is completely automated through Patric Chan’s mysterious system, which he and his team developed.

The CB Passive Income team create pages which you can then use as your squeeze page. The traffic you generated, through your Email listings, can now be sent onto your squeeze page.

cb passive income overviewOnce you have enough traffic on that squeeze page, you can now generate your own Email list. That list is supposed to be used to promote Clickbank products.

So with your Clickbank ID attached to these products and hundreds of Email recipients opening your mail, chances are that a few will buy these products and you receive a commission for it. So that’s all you have to do. Apparently you don’t even have to add your Clickbank ID onto the products attached in the mails being sent out. The only real task you will have is to send a free report.

Quite unbelievable if you ask me. Mostly automated products online are usually a scam and I don’t see why this one shouldn’t be either. I have yet to encounter a product that makes you money by the push of a button.

For those of you who don’t want to waste your time and read my review of a genuine program that works, I encourage you to click here for an honest review of a proven method!


Who Is CB Passive Income 3.0 For?

In my opinion, anyone who really wants to make money online, should realize and at least consider, that it takes time and effort. There is no secret button to push and generate money.

A true online business requires a minimal amount of education and work behind it. If you look at Patric Chan’s sales page you will find a list of things you won’t have to be doing but still generate a huge amount of money to retire on. Here’s a screenshot of that list:

cb passive income list


Do you really believe you can make money being that lazy? I mean eventually you might, if you worked hard for your business and you managed to automate it all.

But there is no way you can join a program click a few buttons and automatically expect to become rich overnight.

To answer the question, to whom this product might be suitable for, I say no one. It doesn’t teach you anything besides the fact that you understand the principle of Email listings as a source of making money. Just to clarify, Email listings are a very good way of generating clients and selling products, but there is a bit more work involved to it.

Those of you who want to make money fast, should reconsider the word “fast”. Feel free to read my article on what real get rich quick schemes are here!

Another important key point to mention, is that any form of online marketing or any online business needs a website. That is just the fundamental heart and core of an online business. If a program doesn’t teach you the basics on how to create a website, then you can be reassured it will probably be a worthless program.

With creating a website there are a few points that come along with it such as:

  • SEO targeted Keywords
  • Building organic traffic
  • Ranking your site
  • Valuable content

And many, many more points. These are just the basics as well, none of which are being taught or even mentioned in CB Passive income 3.0!


Trainings and Tools:

The training and tools the program offered are broken down in 3 simple steps, believe it or not. These steps are:

  1. Fill out your details on the CB passive income engine
  2. Once your cash machine page has been generated you send traffic to it. (This seems like a hard task but they mention it as if it were a simple method)
  3. Let the passive income system promote and monetize the list of people you’ve gathered, while you collect the commission generated through it.

What a wonderful system. So they create a website for you, host it, maintain it, build the email list and send out the emails, while you collect cash. cb passive income marketing plan

That training is quick and painless right? The only ‘valuable’ training you might get, is how to generate traffic.  But since the rest of the training and tools seem so scam-like, I doubt it has any valuable lessons you may apply.

This is the only point I am uncertain about but all indications point into that direction.


Pros vs. Cons:


  • 60 Days Money back guarantee
  • Free web hosting
  • Some training on Traffic generation


  • Very questionable concept
  • No Valuable training
  • Email system will most likely end up as Spam mail


Final Verdict:

So overall, I think it was fairly clear that I am highly pessimistic about this product and I don’t recommend it to anyone really. The only point I can’t wrap my head around is the traffic building training.

In his sales page he says that he wouldn’t need you to promote the product to friends and family, but his training does include Facebook building traffic.

So who do we add on Facebook usually and what type of connections do we have on our accounts? Friends and family for most of us I suppose. So Say no to this productagain, a contradicting sales pitch.

If you are serious about making money you should choose a serious tool to help and guide you. I would highly recommend you to read my review for my favorite and most recommended tool, which you can read about here!

CB Passive Income 3.0 might have worked for a few people out there, but I don’t see how anyone can make money without learning the basic concepts of an online business and with that said, I highly suggest you stay away from this product.

If you look at your Email account for instance, what will you mostly find in your spam folder? If it is Emails of random people trying to sell you something, then guess what will happen with the Emails being sent out through CB Passive Income.

I hope you enjoyed this review and hopefully you read this before falling into the trap. If you search online for valuable reviews for this product, you will often fall for promotional websites, trying to sell the product.

Please leave behind comments if you would like to share your thoughts and opinions.








  1. Hi

    A very good review

    It still beggars me how people would want to try making money on line without learning the basics of marketing, You are right that if you joined this program any emails or at least most would just end up in someones spam folder and not even opened.

    Thanks for the review and i hope people take your advice


    • Hey Tim,
      It does get a bit silly when people expect to earn money online without true effort doesn’t it?
      I’m glad you share the same opinion about this bogus program!
      Thanks Tim

  2. Excellent Post Esteban. I had my doubts about this program and after reading your extensive review, I think I will steer very clear from this product. Thanks for the review and keep up the good work.

    • Hey William,
      Thanks for the compliment firstly and secondly please do stay away from this! I don’t think you would learn anything valuable from it.

  3. Hi Esteban! I have a hard time seeing the images in your post. I just thought I’d point that out in case you might want to make them bigger for those of us who don’t see as well!

    I had not heard of this program before. What does the “CB” stand for? And you mentioned as one of the pros a 60-day money back guarantee, but I have to wonder if they honour it? It’s always iffy with these scammy-type programs.

    • Hi Lainey,

      You can click on the images to enlarge them, but I’ve changed it so that you can see it better without clicking on them 🙂
      CB stands for Clickbank, the biggest online retailer for programs, ebooks, e-courses etc. you must have heard of it I presume?
      The 60 day money back guarantee must be genuine because if you buy a product off Clickbank you can be reassured that you will get your money back if they promise a guarantee. It can be a bit tricky with scammy programs but in the end you will get it if you fight hard enough. Not worth the trouble I say 😉
      Thanks for reading,

  4. Very informative review on cb passive income. It is very discouraging that click bank promotes such shoddy products. Thanks for the tips, I will stay away from!

    • Hey Young,
      I guess ClickBank would be a bit overwhelmed to spy out all the faulty programs. But it’s true that it’s a shame! I hope to find more of these products and put them on my site so that at least there’s a way of avoiding them when you see them here 🙂
      Glad you read this and didn’t fall for the trap!

  5. Hey Esteban great review. By the way I was wondering what’s your overall opinion on the general quality of CB’s products. Many affiliates tend to promote their products when they first start in this business then gravitate to other offers as they get more experience. At least that has been my impression reading between the lines. I know this is slightly off topic but I would really appreciate your input thanks Chris.

    • Hey Chris,
      Thanks for the compliment firstly. As for the CB products, I can’t say I’m an expert but I think you can find quality products there. I wouldn’t entirely trust the highest rated ones though because there are a lot of scams being promoted very highly on CB even though they’re clearly scams. Again, I’m no expert but if you look hard enough I’m sure you can find nice products there!

  6. This is a very good review. I have looked at this product and it is everything you say it is. I would neither endorse nor use the product. Very good catch. I don’t know about the text you inserted for his website. Did you want it that small?

    • Hey,
      Thanks for the compliment. As for the text, I enlarged it now but you can always click on the image to see it’s full size. I saw others questioning the size though so I made it bigger!

  7. Hi Esteban, I’m always looking for tools to streamline my online business and CB Passive Income looks like it will be worth a further look. As there is a 60 day money back guarantee I think I’ve nothing to lose. I’ll let you know how I get on! Cheers, Mark.

    • Hey Mark,
      Let me know how you get on with it, but I warned you 😉 don’t forget that. Can you let me know if you made any money with it in the end and how long you tested it. Also if you do ask for your money back, can you let me know how long it took you etc. I would like to update my review in that case.

  8. Definitely sounds dodgy. And you hit the nail on the head too… anyone who thinks this is the way to make money is basically lazy. We all know any kind of success takes work, effort and time. If all ‘we’ have to do is sign up and they supply everything else, what would they be paying ‘us’ for….? Why not just hang onto our $37 dollars a month and treat that as money saved instead…? 😀 Or better, still, use it to join Wealthy Affiliate – definitely a better way to go!

    • Hey,
      I completely agree with your statement. Why not save the money or treat yourself with a proper education such as WA??
      People who fall for this have to wake up and see the real world. Money doesn’t just come from nothing.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! Good to see supporting comments 😉

  9. I guess Patrik Chan seems to think the way to make money online is by not knowing the basic or just giving people product who are doomed to fail. I really liked the review gets straight to the point all while giving concise points.

    • Hey Bobby,
      I think it’s the first review where I got a bit annoyed while writing it haha so I quickly mentioned that it’s a scam to let out the frustration in my text!
      Not sure how Mr. Chan sleeps at night knowing he’s ripping off people.
      Thanks for reading!

  10. Can you imagine I nearly lost my money to Patric Chan, he was always bombarding my inbox with his stuff. Even in those times I was skeptical of the easy money making technique he was offering. Thanks for saving people from CB 3.0

    • Hey Emmanuel,
      Wow, good that you didn’t fall for the trap then!
      I hope I can warn a lot of people with this post and I hope they read this comment of yours to show that you almost became one of the victims!
      Happy you didn’t waste your money.

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