Blogging While Working – It’s Not Impossible

So, you’ve recently started blogging as a side project to your normal work. You didn’t think blogging while working full-time could be this tough, did you?

You probably thought it is easy and that you would have more than enough time to write your posts at night or over the weekends. It is after all, easy to write a few posts now and then in order to become a famous blogger.

Well, how was that wake-up call? It was not so easy after all, right?

Don’t worry about it. Every single blogger that has made something of blogging has gone through the exact same difficulties that you are going through at the moment.

Let’s talk about those difficulties and how to actually overcome them in order to achieve what it is that you want from blogging.

The Struggle Is Real!

struggle is real

So, you wake up in the morning, go to work, work your butt off just to get home later than you expected, only to find yourself too tired for anything else.

This really sucks, I know.

You always try to get as much done as possible in the short gaps you have available during the day. You try and squeeze in an hour or two after work and maybe a few hours over the weekend. The truth is, you hope you could’ve done more because you know you can actually be successful.

If you just weren’t that tired.

If you are a bit more familiar with what it takes to have a successful blog, then you know that there is more to it than just writing articles. You have to be active in your niche, do some SEO, create a bigger social presence, etc.

All of this takes a lot of time and therefore blogging while working full-time could become a bit difficult.

Now, what must you do in order to really capitalize on your time? How can you truly become successful with your blog?

Capitalizing And Becoming Successful

plan out your work

If you are truly passionate about blogging and want to make a success of it, then you must have the determination to make it work. I know it is a bit of a cliche, but hard work really does pay off.

Below I will discuss my methods for making a success of blogging while working full-time.

1. Use Your Time Wisely

Time is one of the most valuable assets to me and probably to a lot of people out there. I would rather have all the time in the world than being the richest man in the world.

That is why you should use your time wisely.

I believe in a good balance. A balance between life, work and play.

If you’re working full-time then you should set certain working times for yourself. Tell yourself that you are going to work on your blog at least 3 nights during the week and at least 4 hours over the weekend. You should then try your best to stick with it.

By working three nights in the week, you still have 2 nights where you can have a date night with your wife or girlfriend and another night for yourself.

In this time that you’ve set out, try and split it up between writing posts, being socially active and doing research on other blogs in your niche. This way you will have enough time to grow your blog properly.

2. Use Technology To Your Advantage

We’re living in an era where everything can be operated from the palm of our hand.

You use your cellphone for just about everything. Even our social media networking can be done on our apps. And this is where you should capitalize.

I’ve downloaded all the social media apps on my phone, so when I have an extra few minutes in-between meetings at work, I quickly work on my social presence. This is a great way to stay in touch with your followers and new ideas from other bloggers.

If you thought social media is a waste of time or only something that people like Kim Kardashian do, think again.

Social media is probably one of the most powerful tools that bloggers have nowadays. With only a push of a button, it is possible for thousands of people to see what you are saying (depending on how many followers you have).

Another great thing that I only found out about a few days ago, is the WordPress app. You can basically do anything on this app from, viewing your stats, blog posts, comments and even editing your menus.

These all save a lot of time and leaves you with more time to create content.

3. Stay Motivated

Blogging while working full-time can cause you to become demotivated very quickly. It is therefore very important to get something that motivates you.

What is your motivation?

Whenever I feel like I’m becoming lazy and not so motivated to blog, I read some success stories on other blogs. Another thing that helps a lot is reading other blogger’s income reports. Nothing motivates me like seeing real success from fellow bloggers.

The thing that goes together with motivation is perseverance. These two go hand in hand.

If you can keep motivated, you will definitely have the perseverance to continue blogging. A lot of newcomers quit after six months of blogging. This is a crucial time where you should keep pushing through and not let anything stop you.

4. Prioritize

Earlier in this post, I talked about having good balance. Now, If your blogging and working full-time, this is obviously very difficult to maintain.

If your still young like me (25 years old), then it is very difficult to say no, to a night out in town. I have had to say no so many times, but what I try to do is, whenever I have a gap, I make it up to my friends by spending some time with them.

This way, I keep my friendship as well as my blog.

Friendship is a very important thing that you can’t go without. Friendship is forever. That is why you should never neglect your friends.

What you should do is, prioritize. By this I mean, rather say no to a party during the week, but meet up with the group on Fridays or Saturdays. I try to keep my weeks for work so that I have more time during the weekends for my friends.

The saying goes, you should work hard and play hard. That is very applicable. If you give your all during the week, you won’t have to feel guilty when you let go a bit during weekends.

Is it possible?

reach the top of the mountain

Is it really possible to be blogging while working full-time? Of course, it is!

Just look at all the blogs available at the moment. A lot of them started while the creator was still working. Even the owner of this very blog – Esteban started while working a 9-5 job. Or should I say 9-7?

When I think of success, I always think of a picture like the one above. I think of someone who is climbing a mountain and reaching the summit.

Now, that person had the mindset of climbing a mountain and making it to the top. He didn’t doubt himself and he kept going to the top.

This is how I see blogging. You have an aim with your blog and you have the right mindset. You want to make it work, no matter what.

So, are you going to let a full-time job demotivate you into getting what you want? Are you going to let it stop you from achieving your goals?

No…If you keep on pushing through the difficult times and not let anything stop you from what you want, you can become the blogger that you want to become. This goes for anything that you do in life.

If you have the right mindset and you believe in yourself, you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Just think, if Thomas Edison gave up after 999 tries (he failed 1000 times before succeeding) of inventing the light bulb, he wouldn’t have succeeded and who knows what the future would have been like.


In conclusion, it is not the easiest thing to be blogging while working full-time. You are tired, demotivated and annoyed after a hard day’s work. You don’t want to be sitting in front of your laptop for the whole night.

The truth is, everybody that wants to be a successful blogger has gone through this at some time or another. Success, as for a lot of things in life has to be earned. You have got to work for what you want, but it is definitely possible. It won’t be easy but it is definitely possible.

To achieve this, make sure you have the necessary motivation to keep you going through the tough times and just stay positive. The key is to never give up on what you want. Whether it is blogging or anything else in life. If you want it bad enough, don’t give up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if you did, don’t feel shy to share or leave a comment if you have something to say.

Cj is the creator of Be Your Own Boss From Home, and a firm believer of escaping the rat race and becoming financially free.

Life is all about experience and the joy you get from it. You cannot get the full experience by working for someone else for the rest of your life. You’ve got to step out of your comfort zone and become your own boss.

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