Blog Topics That Make Money – What You Should Write About!

Blog Topics That Make Money - What You Should Write About! title cover

Blog Topics That Make Money - What You Should Write About! title cover

Stuck Yet Again

You’ve finally made the step to create a website, particularly a blog and you have been posting consistently and reached a certain level.

You’ve generated somewhat of an audience but suddenly you’re at a point where you can’t come up with great content anymore.

This is also called a writers block. Every bloggers biggest fear!

How can you come up with fresh blog topics that make money? Will your blog ever make money?

When we have a blog, we also have a responsibility to come up with fresh as well as interesting topics on a constant basis.

It’s important for us to continuously create new posts, so that our blog doesn’t die.

The thought, of constant blogging, alone can be a overwhelming. This is why I will help you diminish that fear.

What you will learn in this post:

  • Teach you what you already knew but forgot about your niche
  • How to instantly remove writers block
  • Help you generate valuable content that converts to cash
  • Provide you with tools to avoid future writers blocks
  • Show you how you can have a list of topics to write about

As always, I’ve personally used these methods and still use most of them today.

Hopefully you will never doubt your content anymore after going through this guide.

Remember that for every valuable post, you may generate a few new clients, so make sure to never give up on your blog, especially when the times are hard.

Personal Interest

Sometimes you need to think back to why you started your blog in the first place. Surely there was a strong desire or passion behind it.

Think back and try making a list of your niche. What did you particularly love about that niche? What separated this niche from any other?

Outline the things you hate about it as well. List the things you find extremely difficult to deal with or that cause issues for it.

You can probably write something for each reason you listed. Additionally you could try finding solutions to the things that cause problems.

Write out in debt tutorials or guides to avoid or solve that problem.

If you’re still stuck and don’t think you can come up with any more topics to write about, try looking at forums.

For instance, I used to have a dog of the Basenji breed. If I were to own a Basenji blog and needed some insightful content, I could join a forum for inspiration.

Simply type in your niche + forum in Google, and you should have thousands of results (see below).

blog topics that make money basenji forum

Now all you have to do is have a quick browse around and look for interesting topics/ discussions that have a lot of comments.

Within one minute I found over 727 topics I could write about in that niche. Don’t assume that this is a lucky topic.

I came up with this niche as I was writing. There are forums about any kind of niche and these contain the same results if not more.

People always face problems with any type of passion they have.

Now that you have useful information you can dig through, not only will you know more about your niche, you will also provide awesome content.

This is one way to generate blog topics that make money. People will refer, share and advise your blog to other people with similar interests.

blog topics that make money basenji questions
So many new topics to choose from!

Through affiliate links or services you can now make some nice earnings.

So what if the topics discussed in the forums aren’t that great?

Try to be a bit creative. Use the forum topics as guides and twist the titles a bit. Surely you can come up with something to write about.

In case you can’t and you are incredibly stuck, you can always have a look around and see what people write as comments.

Often, certain comments are like hidden gems that could be expanded into a nice post for your blog!

After all the person asking the question and receiving several answers, indicates that other people have either faced the same problem or thought about it.

Next time someone types that question on a search engine it could be your article that provides them with the answer.

Snoop Around

For every niche, there’s probably already some other successful blogger making a comfortable salary.

Meaning that person is most likely doing better than you. By saying that, I’m not trying to demotivate you, I’m trying to share a little secret of mine.

Clearly I’m not making millions yet, but I do learn very fast and share what I’ve learned and try to simplify it so that you can repeat my success faster.

But where do I get all my knowledge from? Most of it comes from sources that already make thousands of dollars every month.

Instead of trying to find out how to make money online from scratch, I look at what people have done.

I signed up to this course because the teachers are more than experts with what they have learned over the years and created an amazing training platform.

Other bloggers teach on their blogs like me. I spend hours on a daily basis learning from these sources.

Now besides the fact that you can learn tons and repeat their strategies, you can also look at these blogs copy or at least write similar articles.

Of course you shouldn’t copy – paste these articles for obvious reasons, but you could re-write them in your own words including personal insights.

You could also use the skyscraper technique (mentioned in my traffic post here).

For instance, if a blog lists 10 great reasons towards a particular subject, you could list 50 reasons.

Not only will your content generate more views and a wider audience, you will also get great backlinks (especially if you apply the technique).

Hopefully all of this will help you create blog topics that make money in the long run.

blog topics that make money google alert box

Another simple method to keep you updated with relevant topics, is to use Google alerts.

The great thing about setting alerts, is that whatever you type in the alert box, will generate articles that are published around the world that are relevant.

So if we take the above example again of Basenji’s, I could type in ‘Basenji Training’.

Now every time someone publishes something with that keyword, I will receive a direct message into my mailbox with a link to that topics that make money basenji example

You can also decide how often you want to receive these emails.

There’s no limit to how many alerts you can create so technically you could receive thousands of emails related to your niche every day.

This was incredibly useful for me when I started off. I managed to write endlessly and get great informative content.

Very easy method right there to defeat your writers block!

Take A Step Back

As I mentioned above, you should look at comments on forums, but what about your own blog?

Go through your comments and see if you don’t have a few questions from your fans that you could expand on.

Another simpler way of getting to know what exactly your audience would like to hear from you, is to simply ask them.

blog topics that make money email question

In my automated email sequence, I ask my followers directly to tell me what they would like to see more of.

Sure not everyone will respond but those that do will help you further provide quality content for your already existing and future topics that make money email request

Of course you can’t please everyones requests but it will give you a list of things to consider at least.

(Thanks for your answer Mehdi)

What you could also do to create blog topics that make money, is to take an hour, every Sunday for instance, to do some research.

Use the above mentioned methods for research. Make a giant list of 20-40 topics that you would like to write about.

Instead of wasting time every day trying to come up with new topics, do this once a week and generate a list.

That list will keep you busy for a good month if not longer. I’ve previously mentioned that you could write down ideas as they come to you as well.

Keep a notepad with you or just type down ideas on your phone when you come up with them.

Some bloggers advise to expand already existing posts. Go through your old content and read what you’ve created.

Take out a single sentence and create an entire new post around it. You’d be surprised how effective this can be as many points in a post could be sub-posts.

Maybe you want to rethink your posting schedule as well. In the past I created a new blog post every day.

Now these posts weren’t even half as long as my current ones and they just scratched the surface of most of my topics.

Lately I’ve scheduled to post every Monday and Thursday. This gives me time to prepare, outline, do my research, edit and perfect my articles.

They are a lot beefier and provide much more valuable content. Think about your posting schedule and whether or not you post too often or too little.

If all else fails, try introducing guest posts. When you’re confronted with complete blackout and absolutely can’t come up with new stuff guest posts help.

Obviously I highly doubt you will have this problem after the several methods I introduced here, but it could still occur.

I’ve talked about guest posts many times previously and although I haven’t had any requests yet, I am open to them (*hint, hint*).

Sometimes you need to reach out to people and ask them if they are interested in posting for your blog.

Final Words

I hope that I could enlighten you on what type of articles you can create for your own blog.

The fact of the matter is, if you already own a blog, you’re miles ahead of anyone trying to make money online.

Everyone has to face a writers block sooner or later in their blogging life. If it’s not a writers block, it’s going to be a burnout.

Most experience both.

The best way to avoid both is to always stay organized and set goals. Schedule your work, know what priorities you have and you’ll be fine.

Let me know if you have any additional advice. I know there’s millions of methods for other blog topics that make money out there.

These are just my current favorite ones. Leave comments below and I will get back to them.

You’re always welcome to email me personally as well if you want personal advice.

Thanks for reading,



  1. I am also very familiar with the skyscraper technique from Brian Dean. It is a great way to create the best content on a specific topic and then to find bloggers that have already linked to similar articles.

    What I love to do is to write a lot of product review. They might have a low traffic value, but they convert like crazy. They are also very easy to rank for require little to no backlinking.

    • Brian Dean’s technique is quite amazing. I might have to use it more often in future. I mean it requires a bit of work but it is well worth the effort.

      It’s good for backlinks and getting generally interested people towards your niche to fall on your site.

      Product reviews do seem to rank quite easily but I only get around doing them when I genuinely come across a product I have a strong opinion about.

      Thanks for passing by,


  2. These are great ways to come up with blog topic ideas! I especially like your advice about paying attention to online discussions and comments to get post ideas. I’ve gotten questions on my blog posts that have inspired me for future blog posts – and these are things I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own anytime soon!

    Thank you also for the reminder of using Google Alerts for blog post ideas – I’m going to set up an alert right now!

    • Hey Samantha,

      I’ve often gotten inspired to elaborate comments into blog posts as well. Google alerts can be quite handy especially when you’re really trying to be up to date and relevant. Glad you found this useful and set up a new alert now 🙂



  3. Interesting to receive your site to comment on for WA. I started following your blog a few days ago. I enjoy how you write and the wealth of information to have to share.
    I think your site is very clean and easy to follow. I really can’t find any flaws with my inexperienced eyes. Keep up the great work and much success in 2016. Deanna

    • Hey Deana,

      Glad to see someone following my blog and also being part of my highest rated program!

      Very happy to hear that you like my style of writing and of course the information I share. Hope to see more of your comments soon in that case 🙂 good luck to you too!


  4. Hi,

    You’ve written a great and elaborate article about issues a lot of us bloggers run into. You need to keep your blog fresh and need to post stuff on it on a regular basis. After a while you can indeed run out of inspiration.

    The tip about checking out forums is a very good one. In that way you can see which topics are popular and consider righting a piece on that. I will definitely do this for my websites.

    Also the other tips you mention I will definitely keep into mind.

    Keep it up and I hope you’ll start earning the millions eventually!

    • Hey,

      Thanks for the elaborative comment you’ve left me with 🙂

      I completely agree on keeping the blog fresh. It’s ok to share information that’s already been shared before, after all there’s always someone that hasn’t read it before, but being up to date and providing new, fresh content is what sets you apart from others.

      Forums are always good to see what’s a hot topic being discussed in whatever niche.

      I hope I’ll earn my first million very soon too 🙂 thanks for the encouragement,


  5. I’m a big fan of all the content. And you are so right, it really comes down to the content that people are delivering because that is how the audience is going to find value in what it is they are wanting to get at. Keep up the good work with the content and looking forward to some more posts given by things found on the site!

    • Hey JP,

      Thanks for liking and commenting on this page or post. I always enjoy reading comments of people that enjoy and agree with my opinions and views.

      Hopefully you’ll be back reading more of my stuff in the near future 🙂


  6. You are dead right when you say it’s much easier to write when it’s something you are passionate about. Otherwise writing can be a real energy sucking chore.

    This is a very detailed post, and obviously you are passionate about what you are writing here, as it shows. This article has certainly given me a lot to consider.

    • Hey Darren,

      You don’t have to tell me twice…. I’ve occasionally come across articles I’ve had to write and they were towards subject I have 0 interest in. The result is horrible and it takes ages for you to get that text done.

      The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can actually choose your work or job. You can choose something you love and actually enjoy writing about it. That’s why I fell in love with the concept of affiliate marketing within seconds of discovering it.

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