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biggerpockets review 2015

My Bigger Pockets ReviewReal estate

Product name: Bigger Pockets


Owner: Joshua Dorkin

Level of Experience Needed: None. For all levels of experience.

Price: 0$ (starter membership)/ Plus – $9 per month/ Pro – $29 per month

Overall Rank: 8/10



Bigger pockets is pretty similar to Wealthy Affiliate. For all of you who don’t know what Wealthy Affiliate is, please read my review – Here. Bigger pockets is the real estate version of wealthy affiliate. I became a member around 2013 and learned an tremendous amount about real estate because of it.

If you ever consider buying a flat or a house (or even some land) I strongly encourage you to go visit the biggerpockets forum. The site for me, is the Facebook of real estate, where people share their history, ideas and properties with everyone. You can find out what niche to go into or what area to invest in.

Everything from A to Z is covered within bigger pockets. A lot of useful content for anyone active or looking to get active in the real estate game


Who is Bigger Pockets for?

Anyone trying to generate passive income through real estate!

As real estate can be quite a frighting thing, most newcomers look for a mentor or guru to guide them through the path, in order to purchase their first property. In essence it’s quite handy to have someone experienced helping you out, with such a life changing Real estate solddecision.

Bigger Pockets has thousands of members, that offer their help and experience. They cover everything, including mistakes and study material to provide you for a safe journey.

If on the other hand you’re a more experienced real estate investor, don’t shy back because there’s always something new to learn and you can expand your knowledge, on making bigger profits. You can even do research for specific locations and ask open questions such as “house sale new york?” or “properties sale dubai” and be sure to get several answers. When I first discovered the opportunities lying within real estate it blew my mind. Bigger pockets opened my eyes at how many different ways there are to succeed in that business.


What exactly is Bigger Pockets

So Bigger Pockets is a community of real estate investors and people interested in becoming one. It offers a wide variety of information such as:

  • Forums
  • Podcastsforum-645246_1280
  • Marketplace
  • Blogs
  • Free guides
  • News/ headlines
  • Real estate related Calculators
  • Networking resources
  • And much more

The beauty of this giant library is that it’s all for free. Not a dime needed to enter this community. Although there are certain restrictions in reaching out to people with the free members area, you still have more than enough to succeed with real estate, without upgrading your membership.


BP stats

Trainings and Tools

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, Bigger pockets doesn’t offer you a step by step guide to train you into becoming a real estate pro.

It is up to you to engage and talk to people and find your path through the world of housing. My advice is to just jump into the beginners guide and read it through. After you find a preference of what type of investor you would like to become, read up about it on their forums and blogs.

If at any point you have a question, type it out and people will help you eventually. The response rate is almost as quick as Wealthy Affiliate.

Most of the tools are listed in the previous paragraph above but there are many more such as;

  • Newsletters
  • Email updates
  • Mortgage details and different type of loan explanations
  • Free ‘how to’ guides in any niche
  • Newly added chat
  • etc.

The creators have really thought of everything and ask for nothing back unless you want to. It even says so in their upgrading procedure.

BP stats2


As you can see the pro upgrade is only for professional investors already and it’s not really a must either. Regardless the upgrades aren’t that expensive anyway therefore it’s more of a donation to the team for creating such a massive site.


Pros vs Cons


  • Everything you need to succeed in real estate is provided
  • Very active community
  • Very supportive team
  • Experienced people to ask any question related to real estate
  • Giant marketplace to look for places
  • Entertaining yet informative
  • A lot of free contentgood vs bad
  • Free membership!


  • Quite overwhelmingly much content
  • No structured program
  • Misleading location spotter
  • Very USA based information in terms of legal and banking documents


Final Verdict

As there’s not much negative to say, I don’t see why you wouldn’t sign up for this site. I mean you have nothing to lose and I’m sure we all would like to own a little place we’d like to call home. You don’t have to be interested in making money through real estate but I’m sure you would want to make the best deal when purchasing a property.

I like that you can make your own list of books to read from the most experienced people out there recommending them. You might even come across an author or two that wrote the book himself.

The podcasts we’re a very nice thing to listen too because you can hear real people talking about real struggles and how they became property tycoon masters. Besides the USA bias and the missing lesson or procedure, I really have nothing negative to say about this site. And if you want to make a passive income, real estate is definitely a good approach to generate one!

For those of you interested in making money online through a simpler niche, please make sure to read my review on my preferred product here!

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you did or didn’t feel free to drop a comment below!




  1. Hi Esteban,
    I checked out your site and it looks pretty good. You have a lot of good content to keep a person engaged as well as good visuals to make your articles interesting to look at. Check out my website above and let me know what you think.

  2. Your podcasts make me nauseous. Both Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner sound like 2 spoiled brat hipsters with way to much privilege. Your simple, dumb humor gets old fast! Be more professional. Your guests seem to be all hype and extremely narcissistic when compared to other podcasts. You both are all over the page with your interviews as well. Stay on track. Your guests also seem to highly exaggerate their claims and stories as well. Can anyone say FAKE??? Time to grow up boys and get a little more serious with your podcasts. Just saying.

    • Hey Kevin,
      I don’t own or run any podcasts on Biggerpockets. I’m just signed up to it and like the information across the community. How come you’re so against them? Maybe the humor can get annoying at times but there are very informative messages in between the interviews in my opinion.

  3. This is wonderful experience of visiting this helpful post. It cleared so many queries.Thank you for sharing.

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