Best Way To Self Publish An eBook – Join Me!

The best way to self publish an ebook title

The best way to self publish an ebook title

The Thought

Since the creation of my website I’ve always wanted to create my own product.

Although the website itself, is kind of my own virtual product, I wanted to have something more significant.

Sooner or later it was evident that I would create an eBook. While I am still far away from producing it, I am now considering to start.

The best way to self publish an ebook is through a lot of research, networking, planning and marketing.

It’s for that reason I am seeking some help. Here’s what you can learn and read in this article:

  • The concept/ idea of the book I’m considering to write
  • Why I’m writing it
  • Who I’m targeting
  • What you can do for me
  • What you can expect to get back

Believe it or not, the main purpose of the book is not to make some extra cash. It’s more of an achievement I want to reach for myself.

I want to help others with the book, as most books serve to help others one way or another.

Keep in mind that writing a book will not be a quick thing to achieve, so this process may take over several months.

I can’t give an exact date but it will most likely be around the end of the first quarter in the year 2016.

I will occasionally mention it to those who are getting involved and possibly document the process here.

These are exciting times for me and I have a lot of expectations as well as goals, but this is one major project I need to accomplish.

The Concept

What I want the heart and soul of the book to be, is basically to be able to help and motivate people to escape an office life through online marketing.

There have been so many books, which helped me gather motivation to start my own business, start trading and do whatever it takes to get out the cubical.

I want my book to summarize these to a certain extent and help those of you get out and make that extra $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 per month.

Personally I haven’t reached the $10,000 goal yet but I know how it’s possible and I know how it can work.

Quite honestly I’m not far from getting there either. But this book isn’t about me.

If I can open the eyes of one single individual and help that person escape that 9-5 lifestyle, my mission is complete.

If I can guide someone into that ‘freedom’ through my words and my ebook I will be happier than you can imagine.

I’ve previously mentioned a lot of times how much I hated my old lifestyle.

If there is only one other person out there that feels the same way, I know that person would be grateful to have a way out.

The book should serve as motivation purpose but also guide the reader to get familiar with affiliate marketing, what worked for me and might do for them.

As you can see, the book will correlate to the topic of my blog quite a lot, so it will have quite a similar touch to it.

I’ve tried several things to get out that lifestyle but always had a doubt in my mind.

Now that I stepped into the affiliate marketing world, there is no doubt at all. I’ve seen what people can make and I’m doing more than well already myself.

I’m inches away from my old monthly salary and there are tons of pending projects I’m working on to further increase my earnings.

I’ve come up with a formula to generate some extra cash on the side and I still find it hard to believe how easy it actually is.

Everyone deserves to at least know about this option.

The main issue for me to get out the 9-5, was to find out what I can do to get out.

Investing in real estate or opening a company are a lot easier said than done. It takes so much money and risk to succeed in these, let alone effort.The best way to self publish an ebook different options

I had the motivation and I had the drive to work long hours after getting home from work.

It wasn’t until I heard about the concept affiliate marketing and how logic and easy it is.

It is that message I want others to hear, to get inspired, to work out a small extra income and slowly generate their own business.

Eventually they can quit their jobs and spend more time doing what they want to do!

Again, this is not everyones dream, but I know that if you feet similar to how I used to feel, you’d love to hear and read about this in a book.

Why Am I Writing It?

The answer to that question it kind of in the above sentence. However, there are so many books surrounding the same message already.

This doesn’t scare me away or mean that my book won’t be as good as others. I’m not an excellent writer so maybe it won’t be.

But ever wondered why one author felt more personal and a lot easier to read than others?

Sometimes it just depends on the style of writing and the person that wrote it. Every website has a different audience and everyone responds differently.

If my book gets to those who like my style then that’s a good thing.

Just because it’s been said before, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be said again in other or updated words!

Besides, the online world keeps moving forward and affiliate marketing isn’t a new concept, yet if I ask any of my friends, only 1-2 have heard of it before.

Everyone deserves a chance to hear about it and if I can help shorten the way to a passive income stream that’s awesome.

There are many things I write on this blog and many more I didn’t. A book could summarize these things and make people read things they might miss.

Who Am I Targeting

The target group are those interested in making extra money and doing as little as possible for it.

I love being lazy and I love not lifting a finger whilst getting paid for it.

I also love money (I know this comes across as incredibly materialistic) and I love the things you can do when you have a lot of it.

As sad as it sounds, money enables you to do a lot more things and therefore opens doors and options for you.

But if you have a lot of money and still sit behind an office desk for most of your life, there’s no point in having that money.

It’s for that reason that you wan’t passive income. Relax most of the day, laugh, eat, socialize, travel, learn, spend time with family and make money.

That is what I call living a good life.

People seeking that life is my target audience and I know there are more people that seek the same!

Maybe you just want to make a few $100’s extra per month. I can definitely show you how!

I’ve always enjoyed helping others and I still do.

What Can You Do For Me?

In order to get this book out, I could use some help. Ideally I want people who like the idea of this book and would love to read it.

I mean what other best way to self publish an ebook is there than getting as many people involved who are interested in reading it?

If you wish to learn about affiliate marketing and get the right motivation, guidance and more to get it started then you can help.

If you know people that could benefit from a few extra bucks and are close to being depressed at their jobs, you can also help.

The people I’m looking for are those of you, who want to get your hands on this book. You can be part of it by just answering a few questions.

I only have a raw/ vague idea what the book will look like and you’ve read most of it above.

I will however try to create short questionnaires and get some feedback throughout the next few weeks as I continue working on it.

The more feedback I can get, the better the outcome. For that purpose, I will need your help.

The first step is to sign up to the newsletter below if you haven’t already done so:

Besides grabbing your free ebook on creating a online business in 25 minutes, I will also message you occasionally with snippets, questionnaires etc.

I promise I won’t spam you of course.

You will get some occasional emails however on upcoming articles and some previous once you might have missed out on.

But like I said you will not get spammed with daily emails so don’t worry about that.

Additionally you’ll also be first to be notified once the book is done!

What You’ll Get Back

Of course helping me out won’t be unrewarded.

Besides the amazing feeling of being part of something that might be huge, you will also receive other benefits.

I have yet to think of the actual rewards I’ll give out, but there are many things I could come up with.

Things could either include:

  • Gift vouchers to Amazon
  • Generous discount on the book
  • Private coaching sessions
  • and many more for future projects

The bigger the success of the book, the more I’ll be able to give back of course. I hope I manage to inspire some of you to join me on this venture.

Maybe you’re massively successful already and can give me a few tips or wise words to include in the book.

Or maybe you’re someone that would like to get started but still missing for a certain wake up call.

This book might be the one. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of something that could be great.

If you think this is a good idea and want to help out, just sign up or comment below, leaving your email.

If on the other hand you dislike the entire idea and I shouldn’t even bother let me know as well. Who knows maybe Im talking to a non-existing audience.

Throw out your thoughts, let me know what you think! I will be more than grateful.

Definitely mention if you want to be part of it if you do comment below.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you like the idea of a motivating and guiding book to creating a passive income stream.

Maybe this book will be the solution to get out!



  1. Hi There,

    Great article. Must say first of all, good luck in achieving you goal of self publishing an Ebook. What a wonderful online world we have. It is thanks to the. internet we can all become authors, self publishing ebooks. Even creating mini series of documentaries on Youtube (and getting paid for it).

    Best wished in that EBook, be sure to keep us all updated on your progress and of a launch date.

    • Hey Derek,

      I will most definitely keep everyone updated on the progress. I am still very early on with this project. I want to get started in the coming year to be honest before having a rough draft.

      It’s true that today we have the ability to become presenters, authors and more from the comfort of our homes and it’s amazing. I love technology and the internet.

      Thanks again and hopefully see you again soon on my blog!


  2. Hi Essi
    I have really enjoyed reading this. It has made me feel motivated seeing there’s somebody who already did and succeeded in quiting their job for, besides other projects, pursuing blogging as a full time career. Calling it a career is actually for lack of a better word. It should should be blogging as a full time early age retiree.
    I have the same passion and once I make any minutely significant progress I’m already planning to teach others about it. So, many thanks.

    • Hi Boniface,

      I did quit my job but I am far from retired 😀 I know it’s only a few more months away where I can feel at ease and not worry about money so much.

      What I did learn, is that blogging as a job makes my life a lot easier and a lot more carefree. I don’t feel stressed anymore and I love working at my own pace.

      As for my eBook project, I want to deliver that message to other people. People like you, who share the same passion of being free and letting other people know what it feels like, is what I want to wake up in others.

      Thanks for your comment,


  3. Hi, Essi.

    This was an awesome read for me. Especially because not too long ago, I was asking about how to write and publish an eBook. Your blog post is a motivating lesson and an encourage boost to go and try it out too.

    It’s just that I don’t have much time right now, but I’ll be doing my best to create one, simply because I know it’ll help me reach more readers, create a great list of subscribers and flourish in my business.

    Live as a blogger, it’s a lot of fun.

    Good luck with your future endeavors.

    • Hey Imad,

      I think writing a book will be a great experience for you. It can help sales, traffic and people but most of all it’s a nice accomplishment in the end I believe.

      I know what you mean with not having enough time, because writing a book can get really time consuming. I also struggle with everything I have on my plate already, but a good technique is to write it like blog posts.

      Just get out a chapter or a few pages a day and soon enough you’ll have the whole thing written. Make sure to outline it first otherwise you’ll struggle a lot.

      Good luck,


  4. I did look into this avenue of publication about a year back but there were so many conflicting opinions I left confused. What format would you say is the most reliable and what software would you recommend. I heard epub is a good choice – what do you think about this?

    • I haven’t heard of epub before. I might have to look into it. I wrote everything on a word document and followed the guide by Pat Flynn. I still haven’t released the book yet because I don’t feel like it’s the right time. I want my earnings to be a bit more stunning and impressive for people to get motivated by my words.

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