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Be different

Be Different

The other day I watched the latest Nirvana documentary (Montage of a Heck) on Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the band and being a massive fan, it is needless to say that I couldn’t wait to see this film.Be different

The reason I write about it here is because at one point in the documentary close relatives, friends and members Nirvana had, mentioned that one of the reasons they became so hugely successful, is a very simple one.

Besides the fact that Kurt Cobain was massively talented, he also had this urge to become better than everyone else. He didn’t want to be an average band playing in average surroundings.

In many ways being wealthy is the exact same thing!

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

It’s not hard to continue living the way you do. It’s not hard to complain and hate your job. I did it for a few years.

But now I’ve come to the point where I would rather give it all and try my hardest than continue rotting away slowly day by day.

Get out the comfort zone
Get out the comfort zone

The only way I feel my success will come is by taking a risk and having that push behind me. If I don’t succeed I have to get back to the routine I hate and actually fear so much.

So many of my idols have made this risk in their life one way or another and they all mention how it was the key to success. Here’s a few of them if you’d like to read up about it:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – Moving to another country with no knowledge of the language whatsoever
  • Mark Zuckerberg – Left Harvard to invent Facebook!
  • Bill Gates – Same as above to create Microsoft
  • Walt Disney – Was fired from a newspaper because he wasn’t creative
  • Michael Jordan – Was thrown out of his basketball club! Now known as worlds best basketball player ever!

Unlike these men I don’t have a special gift or creation waiting to be realized. I’m planning on achieving my goal much simpler. Find out how by clicking here!

Take It Easy! 

Compared to the people mentioned in the above list, we have it a lot easier and a lot more resources to achieve a wealthy lifestyle (Read how here).

We don’t need to necessarily achieve greatness and become legends like the above mentioned people.

MoneyI mean by all means if you want to become a legend and millionaire try it and give it your best until you achieve it.

Hopefully I will be part of the elite as well 😉

But what I’m trying to make clear, is that all we need is access to a computer and internet and a few bucks to invest and we could soon be lying by the beach and wake up when we want to.

Do you like your current situation or do you think you deserve a better lifestyle as well?

If you’re interested in the above mentioned documentary, feel free to watch the trailer below.

Share your thoughts and leave a comment behind. Who are your idols and how did they make it?




  1. hi there
    Those people were certainly great inspirations! I am particularly fond of Walt Disney. What a great example of determination. Sometimes it pays to take a chance, even though it can be scary. Sometimes, not always, it pays off. However, it also means that one has to live with uncertainty for a bit and that can be hard to tolerate. But it can be worth it!

    • I think those who have taken that risk knew it was all or nothing and it gave them the kick to succeed. I kind of feel the same right now so hopefully it will pay off in the long run 🙂
      But yea those people are good to look up to for role models in that sense.
      Thanks for the comment !

  2. I enjoyed reading through your website. Thank you for the shortcuts on how to get started.
    I have several people I admire.
    Oprah- She did not allow her childhood abuse experience to derail her future.
    Joe Vitale- He was homeless. Now a well known Author, Marketer, etc.
    Steve Jobs- He studied Buddhism and meditated his way to a Millionaire. The iPhone came to him in meditation.
    I also admire Holistic Healers!
    Thank you for letting me share! -mcox

    • Hey Mildred,

      There are so many people I admire and look up to. You named a few of them as well. I find it fascinating how people go from rags to riches or from average Joe to successful entrepreneurs. It gives me something to get inspired by and look up to.
      Happy you found it enjoyable to read.

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