Best Home Office Setup (12 Tips To Improve Your layout)

Importance Of A Good Setup

Whether or not you are working from home, a good working environment is vital.

When you are working in a corporate organization, the setup is pretty much laid out for you.home office setup

All you can do to improve it is bring a family picture or some small decorations to your desk.

For those of us that work from home however, we have the freedom of choice.

It is because of that freedom, that we sometimes forget how important it is to have the right layout.

It is for that reason that I’ve come up with this article to help you get ready for the best home office setup.

Whether you want to get involved in working from home or already are working from home, this article will help you improve.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good layout.

Productivity levels can rise through the rough with a few small adjustments.

This is the whole point of the post.

I want to show you how I personally managed to increase my productivity and how simple it was for me to do so.

Since these small changes, the quality of my work has also improved significantly.

Previous Setup

When I first started working from home, I didn’t really have an idea how to approach my days.

I had no structure, nor did I have a schedule or the right environment.

I usually woke up around 8am and checked my Emails instantly off my phone.

Then I would proceed to grab my laptop from the bedside table and answer a few emails.

Eventually I would get up to make my coffee and breakfast as I climbed back into bed to continue working.

Basically all my working tasks would be completed from the bed.

office in bed
Working from your bed is not the best option

In between my days I would go to the gym before retiring back to bed and finish working.

Eventually I got sick of lying around all day so I retreated to the kitchen table.

This didn’t last very long either, as the chairs were incredibly uncomfortable.

I tried every possible room and chair in the house (including the sofa) and although it was very comfortable at first, I wouldn’t last very long.

Game Changer!

It wasn’t until recently, where I’ve decided to make a sacrifice and invest in a proper office!

The office design layout was pretty clear in my head.

Get a decent sized table, a comfortable chair and some office supplies.

Next thing was to have a budget.

I’m not sure how expensive things are in your countries but here in Luxembourg you can easily end up spending thousands of Euros if you don’t watch out.

I bought most of my furniture from a DIY store which you’re probably all familiar with.

DIY is cheaper
DIY Furniture Usually Looks Just As Good As Designer Furniture

Therefore I decided to go for the same quality and theme to match the rest of the flat.

Deciding on the right furniture wasn’t hard.

Definitely sit on the chair for a few minutes and adjust it for a while and sit at the desk you consider buying.

I moved around for a few minutes and imagined myself working from the exposed furniture in the shop.

Furniture Is Half The Battle

Once you’ve gotten your furniture and built it all together, you have to come up with the perfect layout.

Having the best chair and the perfect desk doesn’t mean your ‘Feng Shui’ is on spot!

Ideally you want to have a spare room or an office in your house or apartment to get everything in place.

If not, choose a large room (living room or bedroom) and make one of the corners your work space.

Here’s my 12 office room ideas and tips for you to consider:

#1 – The One!

I’ve mentioned before that you have to choose a fairly comfortable chair for your office.

When I say fairly comfortable I actually mean that you should dedicate a good chunk of time to find the right chair.

I’ve sat on a chair that was a standard office chair in an office, for 2 years.

The results were the following:

  • My productivity was terrible because I had to constantly adjust it.

    Perfect Office chair
    Treat yourself with a throne of a chair!
  • I was slouching to the point that my hands could touch the floor
  • My back was killing me at the end of every day
  • I had to take several breaks just to get up and stretch

So you can see how this wasn’t the most productive decision that company made.

Get a decent chair with great back support and possible arm handles (unless you don’t like arm handles of course).

Make sure you can adjust it according to your body features.

And don’t worry about the costs.

You will spend several hours on this chair so it has to be heavenly!

If you’re looking for a great reclining chair, try looking at websites such as these which do actual reviews on these type of things!

#2 – Desk Space

What you don’t want to underestimate, is the storage space you will need.

Regardless of how little junk your desk has now, over time you will find it impossible to get rid of all the clutter on your desk.

I particularly chose a desk with a lot of drawers and cupboards.

Every sheet of paper, book or pen can be placed somewhere.

The less you have around you the clearer your mind will function.

This has been proven time and time again, so clean up now and keep it clean!

#3 – Colors

Although colors wake up certain emotions in people, you don’t want to add these in your office.

Keep a plain layout.

A black desk and black chair might sound depressing but it’s very basic and good for productivity.

A lot of people go for trends and once the fashion wears off, they have to throw away a perfectly fine chair to get the same one in a new color.

You don’t want to fall in that category.

Instead go for plain and traditional colors such as black, white, wooden and gray.

(I prefer black since white tends to get more visible stains)

#4 – Lighting

Your sight is one of the most valuable senses.

Make sure to have great lighting on your desk as well as hanging from the ceiling.

Lamps are cheap and practical these days. This one has a USB port.

Your desk should be illuminated to the point that you’re eyes don’t feel tired staring at your screen.

A good desk lamp will keep you awake and alert even for night sessions.

Personally I still have to find a good lamp for my desk.

However I sit next to a window which brings in the natural light and the ceiling lighting has 4 lamps brightening up my entire room.

#5 – Comfort Zone

Since you spend most of the day in your office, you want to feel good in it.

When you want to take a short break, you want to be able so feel comfortable.

I have a sofa, which you can turn into a bed for guests, in my office.

When I have my lunch break I sit back on that and watch a short episode of a show I like on my laptop.

When I want to give my eyes a rest from a digital screen I like to sit on the couch and read a book.

Eventually I want to add a nice reading chair with a small desk as well.

#6 – Supplies

I know we all live in a digital age by now, but pens and papers are still essentials in any business.

Make sure to supply your office with enough pens, papers, folders and everything else you would find in a typical office.

It might seem pointless now but when that moment arises where you need a pin to put a new checklist on your wall, you will thank me!

#7 – Plug away

Try to have as many free plugs as possible.

I have 3 main plugs in the wall in front of my desk.

In total there are 4 plugs needed already and all I’ve got is a Laptop and a router on my desk.

As my business grows, I will probably add a telephone, 2 monitors a PC, additional lamps, speakers and more.

It’s exactly for that reason that you should plan ahead and get extended plugs for each plug you have already.

#8 – The Perfect View

If you’re office has a window, make sure to place yourself so that you’re near it.

I love staring out my window to give me a short break.

It’s good for you’re eyes and for a mental break.

Great office view
My actual view from my home office

(I like to keep it tilted for fresh air as well)

For those of you that don’t have a window, don’t get discouraged.

You can always add visual touches with the help of posters and family pictures around your desk.

Don’t overdo it though.

You can also have a nice background image on your desktop.

#9 – Green Thumb

Healthy plants represent healthy relationships.

Add a nice looking plant for your office.

Even if you don’t stare at it all day long, it’s good company.

Plants are also known to make people feel better.

So not only would you have a nicer looking office and good karma, you’ll also feel happier.

#10 – Distance yourself

Ideally you want your office to be in a room other than your chill out area.

The bedroom is a room that should be used only for sleeping and lazy sundays.

Your office should be associated with work only.

You want your mind to switch into work mode as soon as you enter that room.

Try to have spot for your office where there are no distractions as well.

The living room would be a good choice but having a TV there and the association with pleasure isn’t always the greatest.

#11 – Future Technology

If you’re serious about a home business, make sure to have good technology!

I’m not saying you should buy the newest Macbook or PC every year.

But currently I’m working on a Macbook from 2009 and when it starts being slow, it swallows a good few hours of my day.

my home office layout
My Actual Office And Gadgets

My efficiency drops drastically because of it.

Having multiple devices can also help you out a lot.

Instead of having several tabs open on my Macbook, I tend to check my emails on my phone.

I act faster on my phone compared to my laptop when it comes to opening and scanning through emails before deleting them.

Useful articles and posts can be read on my iPad.

Not only is it hand held and can be taken anywhere, it feels more like a book or newspaper on it.

#12 – Hide The Cables

We’ve discussed simplicity and storage space, as well as keeping the desk as clean as possible.

Another passive mental barrier is the mess cables can produce.

These days there are a lot of desks that have nice hiding spots for cables.

I specifically chose a desk which cables can be pulled through a hole that can be found in the corner of my desk.

There are also holes on each corner of the drawers.

You can practically hide all sorts of cables and organize it neatly.

That is the type of organization you want to head for.

Again the cleaner and emptier your workspace will be, the more efficient and productive you’ll be.

Final Result

If you want to be successful working at home, you should take these small 12 points to heart.

I speak from experience when I say that you will be more efficient.

There are so many small things that can add to your productivity.

Some of these might set you back financially a tiny bit but it will be only a short time until it comes back.

If you too want to be able to work from home and start your own business in affiliate marketing, check out some of my reviews.

I hope you enjoyed this article and maybe you have some additional ideas.

If you do feel free to comment below and share them with me.

Also leave a comment behind if you have any questions or thoughts in general.

Thanks for reading,



  1. I loved this article Esteban! I completely related to your points about investing in a comfortable desk chair , and how your space and layout can really affect your productivity . I always found myself getting easily distracted from studying if I tried to work in bed , I felt much more in the ‘zone’ to work if I sat up at a table or desk and worked. Great view from your office too! 🙂

    • Hey Emily,
      The same goes for me. If I’m not sitting on a chair and have a clear desk my mind wonders all over the place. The first distraction I can find will occupy me for the next hours.
      I’ve learned to keep a tidy desk and clear surrounding around me. The chair bit is really important because if I’m not comfortable I will easily get up and move about make something to eat, lie in bed etc.
      Glad you enjoyed it so much 🙂

  2. Hi Esteban, liked this article, you are so right about a proper place to work. It’s very important if you hope to be efficient, which we all want to be. How neat your desk is. Deanna

    • Hey Deanna,

      Thanks for reading and enjoying the article. If you have clutter around you’re subconsciously going to be more distressed and therefore work less efficient. Many studies have proven this, unless it is an artistic form of work you’re performing then clutter is somehow associated with it.

      Also yea my desk is pretty neat in that picture haha I cleaned it up a little before taking the snap 😉


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