Amazon Affiliate Program Commission That Blew My Mind

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Does It Really Work?

I have seen several websites that offer an affiliate program and yes a lot of them are handing out better commissions than Amazon. The difference with Amazon though, is that you have a much greater variety of products.

I have recently seen more and more insane earnings from other affiliate marketers. I will be mentioning two specific subjects who’s amazon affiliate program commission literally blew my mind!

Here’s my first example of someone that made a whooping $90k+ of his affiliate sites, promoting goods on Amazon (to view full report click on above link).

If you would like to make money online, but have doubts that there is actually a possible way to do so, then you should continue reading. Yes the above example is from 2011, but there are more recent posts I can show you as well.

Please don’t believe that this is a rare exeption either, because there are virtually millions of affiliates and who knows how many that make similar figures.

So without hyping this up for you much longer, here’s a screenshot of some earnings in February 2015 (to read the full post simply click here):

Earnings report amazon imageAs you can see that is a few hundred dollars away from a $10k monthly salary. Bare in mind that this is only one of his websites! If you’ve been reading my blog posts for longer, you might remember the lady I referenced in one of my previous posts, making $50k a month.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing and other options to make money online, feel free to read up on my review of my preferred method of learning through the community of Wealthy Affiliate.

How Does It Work?

Well to explain affiliate marketing in simple terms is very straight forward:

  1. You choose a niche of your interest, for this example I will say bodybuilding (more specifically gaining muscle, as you want to specialize as deep as you can).
  2. Once you have your niche, you find a website or shop that offers an affiliate program and sign up through it (in this case any bodybuilding online store)
  3. Finally you create a website and promote certain products that can be bought on that online store, through your affiliate link.

Now whenever someone buys something through your site or through your affiliate link on your site, you get a certain commission from that sale.

Pretty simple isn’t it? In Amazon’s case, you want to scroll down to the amazon affiliate sign up imagebottom of the main website and look for the affiliate program and click on that. Once you go through it you sign up and you’re pretty much good to go.

As for the commissions, there are certain programs which offer more and others which obviously give out less.

Within the Amazon affiliate program review you can see that it is quite a small commission to begin with, but this shouldn’t hold you back. The reason I’m saying this, is because the more you sell with them, the higher your commissions get. Additionally you don’t have to hope that the person that clicked on your link, has to buy the exact item you promoted.

If you manage to get someone to click on your Amazon affiliate link for a protein shaker for instance, but the person then decides to snoop around amazon and buys a book instead, you still get the commission for the sale of the book. Additionally it’s cookies are 24 hours long as well, meaning that if he went on amazon through your link, decides to turn of his PC and go on Amazon later on to buy something else, you still get the credit as well, which I find pretty good.

So you have a lot of positives, even though the initial commission is only 4%. For more details on the affiliate program, you can go check out the full table and rules on the official website of Amazon.

What Is The Limit?

I guess that a lot of you think that there is no way someone can earn more than 50k per month within this niche. But the truth is you are completely wrong.

Some people like to create micro sites, which basically means they make a small website with a few pages, specialized in one product and watch the commissions roll in their bank account every month.

These sites usually generate around anything from $100 – $400 per month. So technically you could make thousands of these sites or more and just sit back and let these sites run on autopilot.

profit chard image
There is no limit

The sites that make several thousands a month take a bit more work though. These sites usually involve a few months work. If you want to generate a few thousands a month you want to create an authority site, specialized in individual products.

So the more work you put in the more you can make.

The only key to success is to, know how to create a website, how to generate traffic and to have one niche. If you promote too many things at once it will become messy and you might lose interest too quick.

If you create a successfully running website, you can repeat the process over and over again and really have an unlimited possibility to what your income you desire. If you want to sell those sites, you can also make a nice amount of money.

In the beginning I mentioned someone making around $90k with his affiliate site. That same person sold one of his websites for a 6-figure amount. Not too bad of a deal for an amazon affiliate website sale right?

There are many options and ways to make money online. This is why I love the idea of creating your own online business. The limits are endless… If you want to succeed online, I highly suggest to pick one way of making money online first before jumping into another, or picking several at once.

Additionally I highly advise to follow one program that is trustworthy and not get scammed.

Remember that making money online doesn’t happen over night. You have to continuously put effort into it and only after several months you will see small profits.

Too Late To Join?

I’ve wondered if it is too late to join the affiliate hype myself, but it became very clear that it isn’t. There are so many niches you can go into and there are so many people online buying things.

Amazon alone sells around 200 million products in the USA alone! Surely a few of these can be sold through your website!

The beauty of the internet as well is that it is connected around the entire world. You don’t have to specialize in your city, country or continent. Your website will be available to everyone around the world, so how could you not make money out of it?

In the beginning I’ve mentioned an example of 2011 and 2015. That’s a whole 4 years difference and both are insanely profitable. There are so many Amazon affiliate websites around let alone affiliate sites from other stores!

group time image
Never too late to join

I haven’t joined the amazon program yet but I will. Once I get more comfortable in creating websites and generating traffic it will be on my list. I am currently learning how to increase my SEO skills and continuing the bootcamp course of wealthy affiliate.

Once I’ve completed that, I should have a solid understanding. I don’t want to confuse myself by creating several sites at once and not focusing on one task.

It’s probably the single best advice there is and I keep reading it over and over again. What you could do is maybe do a small research and see what ways you can make money online and see which one attracts you the most.

Almost all of them can be combined in one site, but this might not be what you want to do. Therefore it is important you have a plan before you dive into this market. The clearer your goal is the faster and more successful you will be.

I hope I could open your eyes a little and make you realize the potential this business has. It will never be too late and you can always be part of it. If you do have an interest or want to learn more about it I encourage you one last time to check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

There are a lot of misleading websites and programs out there so the last thing I would want you to do is learn from a wrong source.

Feel free to share thoughts and ask questions below. I will reply to every comment and answer each question. I hope you enjoyed this article and got motivated to jump on board.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hey Esteban

    Great review. I really like the fact you’re telling people that it’s not too late to join and still make money with Amazon.
    In fact it’s never been a better time! Amazon are actively recruiting new Associates and pushing ahead as they recognize there is always someone, somewhere who wants a product.

    I started as a customer and ended up buying almost everything from Amazon as you can browse, get the best deal, have it delivered next day for nothing. If you dont like it send it back..Perfect. Never sent anything back yet!

    I joined Associates only 2 months ago and already it’s one of my highest earners in terms of commissions. Plus when Amazon notice they up your commission offer so you are absolutely correct. It’s not too late in fact it’s the right time!

    Great article and excellent advice!


    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for agreeing with my review. I have similar acions when i go on Amazon. Instead of buying one product I end up buying several things due to their recommendations etc.
      They are very clever with their marketing!
      Especially the fast delivery makes it so desirable and convenient to buy so much off them.
      As for the affiliate program, I haven’t signed up yet but I definitely will do in the future. I’m still getting familiar with my website as it is now. I want to build it out a bit more and get more traffic before including it 🙂
      Thanks for the great comment Jason!

  2. Finally I found a website with all the information that I was looking for.
    You have some great information here! I am just learning about Online Jobs Opportunities, so I learned a lot.
    I recently joined the Wealthy affiliate community, and all that I can say,its that they really helped me out in creating my own business.
    I´ve also done some sales through Amazon Affiliate program and it really works.

    • Hey Emanuel,

      I’m happy my post or website could be of use to you. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the right source to look up when it comes to creating a stable online business of your own.
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. This puts the whole affiliate marketing thing into perspective for those who are doubting that they can make any money. You definitely can make very good money, you just have to be patient and consistent with the building of your site.

    • Hey Darryl,
      For those who are doubting you can make money, I think they need to reconsider their thoughts. As I mentioned in this post, this isn’t my first post where I show the potential of making money online. In my previous post, I showed an example of a woman making over $50k in a month through Amazones affiliate program (here’s the link if you want to read it).
      I agree about being patient and consistent!

  4. Great article Estaban! I think the Amazon Affiliate program is a great way for beginners to start making money online – or for seasoned professionals. There really is no limit as to how much you can make off this affiliate program.

    It’s what I finally started seeing success with after many failed AdSense based websites.

    The Amazon Affiliate program is actually what spawned my whole business these days (I sell my own Amazon Affiliate Theme).

    One of the best parts about being an Amazon Affiliate is that Amazon is the MASTER at cross-selling. It’s unbelievable the things I’ve earned commissions on sometimes. You don’t just get commissions on the product you linked to, but on anything they put in their shopping cart!

    Glad I discovered your blog & looking forward to new content!


    • Hey Dave,
      It’s very true that there is no limit to how much you can make. Once you find a proven strategy and make a few sales, all you have to do is rinse and repeat really. Then again you might want to optimize the already existing website and increase traffic or something.
      Pretty interesting that you sell your own affiliate theme.
      Amazon really is the king of cross-selling. They spent millions to find the best conversions and everything is down to a T when it comes to their website.
      I also got quite a few random items sold through my account. But as long as I get commissions I don’t mind 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Dave,

  5. Awesome..!
    No doubt about it that Affiliate Marketing is a great way to earn money online.
    But it takes time and efforts. Niche is like a seed of any affiliate program specially if blogger or site owner wants to earn good money with affiliate marketing should takes care of it.

    • Absolutely! I like your analogy of the seed 🙂 a website that wants to make it in affiliate marketing is like a seed. The daily care of water, good soil and sun is like the backlinks, quality content and social engagement 😉

      Thanks for your comment!

  6. Thanks Essi for your great post! I am starting to look into affiliate marketing and was wondering do you need to buy products to review them? So that means you have to have some initial investment first before your website could be filled with content? For example you reviewed millionaire challenge and other programs those cost quite lot money.

    • Hey Dixon,
      Well technically you don’t need to buy every single product you review. It’s just better to get a good insight. But I mean with most of them you can go through several guides, reviews and videos even to have a deep understanding of what the product has to offer.
      Ask people that have used it for personal experience etc. Most of the products I review here I have actually used myself. You can also buy the product and often they have a 30 day money back guarantee so you can test it for that period of time and ask for your money back.
      So technically you don’t need to pay for the product at all.

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