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As you may have noticed, this site is all about me making  my way into generating a passive income stream. The prime source of that income is supposed to be generated through affiliate marketing earnings.

On this page you will find my monthly affiliate income reports and the further I grow the more additional income streams there will be. I’ve already integrated Adsense, after 3 months of building this website, which is another form of growing like a plant

So although this page is labeled as affiliate income, it also includes other streams of income.

I clarify this because I don’t want to make you think that everything comes from one source and then people call me a liar for having other sources that generate some income.

Reasons For Creating This Page

I did not create this page to make other people jealous or to show off how much money I am making compared to others. As you can see I am starting from the bottom so if anyone is jealous at me making peanuts, I don’t see how or why.

If this page decides to grow substantially and suddenly I get a 5-figure income or more per month, then my intention is still not to brag about it or show off with it.

The sole intention and reason for me creating this site, is simply to be 100% transparent and gain full credibility from other users. Like I wrote in my about me page, I want to show my struggles as well as my successes for you to witness them.

If I manage to break the 9-5 cycle with my website then anyone can do it and that is my goal. I want to teach you to do the same and live the way you want. Creating your own working hours etc.

For those of you that have been following me from the start, you know that I stumbled across my now most recommended product, which is the main source of information I’ve been learning from.adsense chart

You can see from my earnings report how my progress has been developing, meaning that all my new viewers are also able to see where exactly I have been making improvements and progressions.

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See How Far I Make It

As I’ve so often repeated, I want to be 100% transparent. Therefore I will include every single month since my journey here.

I see a lot of other websites or blogs doing the same but a lot of the times they leave out the very first few months. I think those are the most interesting ones.


I hate stumbling across a “monthly income report” that starts somewhere around a year after their hardest work has already past. They usually are generating a few hundred dollars by that time and I always wonder where they started off.

Additionally they just write out where this money comes from but it’s hard to figure out what exact tools they are using and which methods they apply.

I however want to be very straight forward so that you too can copy my exact work. If for instance you look at the top of my site, you will see the getting started page.

You will find tips and tricks on getting the right mentality and motivation to start your own stream of online income. If you hover over the page, you’ll also find a drop down menu that will teach you valuable things such as creating a website and other very simple methods to get you started.

I will probably include a training with step-by-step guidance sooner or later, to make it even simpler for you to copy my strategy.

affiliate training
Step by Step training coming soon

This way you won’t have to look at my income earnings and wonder how I came about making this money, you will actually understand how the system works.

You can then replicate and try it out for yourself. If at any stage you feel like you are struggling, you can always contact me directly either by leaving behind comments on my site (easiest option) or email me.

My contact details can be found in the disclaimer page.

The Reports

So without further unnecessary explanations, please find my reports below. You may click on each report individually to see the breakdown of other data such as traffic sources, amount of traffic etc.

I try to break it down as much as I can and you also have my objectives for next months targets as well.

This will give you an idea how I proceed and I am more than confident that this will change overtime as well:




Future Reports

I will try to keep my reports as simple as possible and maybe try to layout the reports differently in the future. However I feel that it is important to type out my every thought in these and having a thorough explanation to be more precise.

Once I find my linear structure, I will probably stick to one way and use it as a template. But as for now you just have to deal with this current mess 🙂

I hope you enjoy my path as much as I do. It’s not always easy and there is definitely a lot of work involved in all of this.

If you want any help from my side or have any questions, like I mentioned above, feel free to leave behind comments and I am more than happy to help you out. If however you have some advice on helping me out, I’m more than happy to accept any tips as well of course!

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Thanks for reading and wish me luck!