Affiliate Blogger Pro Review 2015

affiliate blogger pro

My Affiliate Blogger Review 2015

Product name: Affiliate Blogger


Owner: Rosalind Gardner

Level of Experience Needed: None

Price: $27 per Month

Overall Rank: 6/ 10


Affiliate Blogger Pro, created by Rosalind Gardner, is a course to teach you the secrets she uses to earn money through blogging. Rosalind has been blogging for several years now (over 10 years) and making money through affiliate marketing within her blogs.

She created Affiliate Blogger Pro in 2009 and since she has been active writing several blogs, books and articles around that subject, many of you might have heard of her or will come across her eventually, if you are pursuing an affiliate lifestyle.blogging

Not only has she been making an income online since 1998 but she has also helped thousands of other achieve the same through her teachings.

The signup fee is a monthly payment of $27 and there are no hidden upsells or other costs binding you from joining this course unlike many other so called ‘Gurus’ tricking their customers for their products. This Transparency can also be seen on her website where she presents her product.

On most bad courses you will see millions of revenues generated through a few number of months and thousands of testimonies who claim to be doing the same. With Rosalind Gardner you have a realistic perception of what a good affiliate earner can generate in a year including realistic testimonies. This review, is no different from my other affiliate marketing reviews and I hope you enjoy my analyzation.

Who is Affiliate Blogger Pro For?

The course itself is a step by step guideline conversion off her book that she wrote in 2003 (How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other Peoples’ Stuff Online).

If you have no real knowledge about how to make money with the internet but always wanted to do so, then this might be suitable for you. For all of you whoNewbiewant to be able to work from home, on their own time it is equally interesting for you. For all the passionate writers and bloggers, this might be exactly what you should be looking at. Why not make an income from a passion?

The course if very straight forward and easy to follow and understand. So really it is a course for complete newbies trying to step into the online money making world.

But with over 100’s of videos and more than double of the tutorials, it can be a bit of a huge chunk to go through and an overload of information that scares most newcomers off.

Trainings And Tools

There is a small community which isn’t the most actively supportive one but can get quite useful when feeling stuck. Unlike my favorite, free and most recommended product, which you can read about here!

Other features include how to find your niche and how to purchase and host your own website. These are essentials for any affiliate marketing product of course.

Once you’ve set up and built the starting components mentioned above you, will also be taught how to fill up your site with important content and information that will separate a successful blogger from an unsuccessful one.

Here’s an image of the stuff included in the course:

Course overview


Pros vs. Cons


  • Lots of material (Videos and Blogs)
  • Very genuine sales pitch/page
  • Relatively low monthly fee (no hidden upsells)
  • Reliable source to learn from


  • Lack of community support
  • Needs updated content
  • Course could be more organized

Final Verdict

The author of this course is notably a huge public figure. Here are some of the magazines she’s been featured on:

  • Secrets to their success
  • Small business Opportunities
  • Revenue
  • Feedfront

Additionally she’s been a speaker at numerous conferences also. This shows that she has some high value in the affiliate world. What did seem to be a bit of a shame, was that a lot of the information provided on the course can be found online for free as well as outdated content.

But then again if you dig long and hard enough you can find any information online. A course just sums up the essentials and makes it easier to go through it in a chronological order.

Again there is a strong lack of organization in that course, which I personally don’t like too much. If you would like a free course which is organized and easy to follow as well as free please read my review of it. I’ve you’ve missed the link above, please click here to read it.

Overall this is not my favorite course but it is a genuine one. So I do look at it in a positive light.tick

Please share your thoughts about this review.  I hope this was of some use and you take my analysis into consideration before joining this course.




  1. hi Esteban!
    very well written review and easy to follow. I had never heard of Affiliate Blogger but it does seem like it is not one of those “get rich super fast” scheme. It seems like Rosalind Gardner does provide a genuine experience that is realistic. I can appreciate that. But as you mentioned, if the content is not frequently updated and interactions within the community are not alive every day, then that’s a con

    • Hey Emily,

      Thanks for reading through the review and enjoying it. I do also think it’s a genuine program but probably not worth the effort for the stated reasons. I’m glad you agree it’s not a get rich quick scam because I certainly think she does try to teach people and pass on her knowledge.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


  2. Dear Esteban,

    I have never heard of Affiliate Blogger before. Nor Rosalind Gardner either. This is a great Review, I learned something new of what I did not know existed. Hmm, lack of community support is something that worries me here. I wouldn’t want to be part of an online program that didn’t have a great community support, I hate to be on my own when I am stuck. Especially when I getting involved with something I am not familiar with right off the bat. Sounds interesting, but I agree, I would stay in WA, better online community support provided there. 🙂


    • Dear Angel,
      I completely agree that the support can be one of the most important things to keep someone going. When I’m stuck, the last thing I want to do is research a solution for hours and end up doing something with uncertainty. Definitely better to stay with WA 🙂

  3. Thanks for the honest review Estaban. The course by Rosalind sounds great, but the out dated content and lack of organisation that you mentioned has always been a problem form me.
    I had a look at the other course that you recommended and it turn out I am already a Premium member at WA. I am seconding your recommending them. Courses are organised, support is amazing. And there is constantly discussions about the latest online techniques.
    Great reviews

    • Hey Marc,

      I agree with all of your comments 😀
      WA is definitely the way to go as it covers everything and has a magnificent supportive community which is really a must. You would never feel left out and can always seek for help when you are struggling.

      Thanks for enjoying my review and leaving a comment behind. Always a pleasure to receive them.


  4. A solid Review here

    I wanted to ask the question about affilaite blogger pro.
    Do you actually get a website with hosting or do you have to get it from elsewhere?

    I know Wealthy Affiliate offer this for free

    thanks Tim

    • Hey Tim,

      The way I see it, Rosalind teaches you how to create your websites etc. but you have to buy the domain and host it on a web hosting company yourself unlike WA where you get 2 free sites and can host them on their site as well.

      Thanks for the comment and if you have any more questions just let me know.


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