10 Tips on How to Advertise Effectively on Facebook

Are you using Facebook for advertising? Using Facebook as a marketing strategy can be effective, yet difficult since more companies have begun to advertise more on this social media platform. The increase in competition can turn a once viable marketing campaign into a money pit. However, there are several Facebook advertising tips and tricks to help make every campaign you launch a success.

To begin, marketing your business successfully on Facebook requires your understanding of the unique opportunities presented by Facebook and how they differ from other social platforms.

Simply put, different social networking platforms have unique integrated advertising systems. However, Facebook reigns supreme in terms of features, audience, and insights.

With that said, to advertise effectively through Facebook, try to follow the ten steps highlighted below.

why you should use facbook for bisuness

1. Don’t Use The Platform for a “Hard Sell”

Before using Facebook as an advertising platform, note that many users regard this as a fun and social place where they can interact with their friends and family.

Photos, videos, and other content spread like wildfire on the platform. Therefore, to succeed, begin by joining the conversations.

Become a member of the community first rather than being solely business-minded and selling aggressively. Posting frequently and providing a list of products on a comment thread are some of the hard-sell tactics to avoid.

Users may begin leaving negative comments and unfollowing you if you exhibit this behavior.

Facebook was originally created with the intention of keeping people in communication with one another. Therefore, users expect for companies to act similarly.

Rather than openly and aggressively pushing a product or service, look into strategies that help you create an open line of communication with you target demographic.

2. Have a Clear Goal and Strategy

Just like any other marketing campaign, developing a clear goal and strategy are the key tips for success.

Similarly, identifying goals and strategies should take priority when advertising on Facebook. Make sure you identify your target audience and what product or service you would like to sell, then begin building your campaign around those two factors.

When it comes to a digital campaign, the goals you want to have must translate into tangible metrics.

For example, if your goal is to increase your customer base by 10%, then you want to calculate how many likes or shares of a post you make actually translate into sales from both new and returning customers.

Also, make sure that you build in ways to pivot your marketing strategy if you are unable to achieve the target metrics in place.

This means remaining flexible and open to new ideas if your current plan fails to deliver.

3. Have a Human Voice for Your Business

As mentioned before, Facebook is a social place. Users joining this platform like talking to each other and like to feel a personal connection to any businesses they follow.

Therefore, the person appointed to manage your business’s Facebook page should be well-versed in interpersonal communication, and be able to interact with your customer base accordingly.

The staff member chosen to represent your business on social media should be able to do everything from answer customer queries appropriately, to creating content in the comments that reflect well on your company.

Look to large corporations, such as Apple, who are known to have first-rate customer service across their digital platforms.

be personal and use facebook with the user in mind

4. Regular Posts

One of the advantages of technology-friendly advertising channels is that they allow for regular updates.

Unlike traditional media, such as television and print magazines, social media facilitates regular updates.

With increasing internet use and smartphone accessibility, many people access their accounts multiple times a day.

In fact, more than 50% of users check their page once a day. Therefore, regular posting provides new material that increases the user’s curiosity.

With that said, make sure that the content you post on a consistent basis is quality content.

If your posts do not resonate with your audience, you risk obtaining fewer hits, likes, and shares.

Additionally, engaging posts that speak to your target demographic will help increase the amount of interactions that occur on the page, and can easily bolster customer retention and sales.

When it comes to ideas of what you should post, remember to avoid “hard sell” content. Look into making business-relevant posts that are not necessarily directly about your business.

For example, you could write and upload a post about important industry news.

Doing so would communicate to your audience that your business remains up-to-date and relevant, and that you like your customers to be informed consumers.

5. Encourage Comments and Reply Quickly

Encouraging users to comment on your posts increases their interest in your products and services. Additionally, when they post, respond quickly to their comments or inquiries and provide satisfactory responses.

Failure to respond to users may reduce their willingness to engage with your page, and could even put them off your business entirely. Furthermore, responding quickly to user comments also let’s people know that you value those interested in your product or service.

However, while you should reply quickly and engage thoughtful comments from your users, avoid responding to comments from Internet trolls. Internet trolls are people who post inflammatory remarks in an attempt to start fights with others online.

Therefore, the more people reply to a troll’s comment, the more troll is amused and likely to exhibit the same behavior again.

If a troll’s comments turn into hate speech or bullying, look into blocking them entirely from your company’s Facebook page.

6. Incorporate Pictures and Videos

Long-winded posts decrease your chances of keeping users on your page. Aside from optimizing your content by using the services of a Boca Raton SEO company, incorporating pictures and videos is of immense importance.

Doing so will increase user engagement by breaking up written content in posts with interesting visual content.

Some of the items that can improve the visibility of your posts include contests, games, and surveys, as they bring an element of fun and require user involvement.

To add to this, discounts, giveaways, and other enticing offers are some of the reasons as to why people follow a business’s page.

7. Promote Your Facebook Page

Gaining followers who could double as potential customers is not an easy task. It can take months to gather several hundred genuine followers who might be interested in purchasing your product or service.

Therefore, you should promote your Facebook page in a myriad of ways. Note that traditional marketing methods work hand in hand with social media marketing strategies.

With that said, include your page name on business cards, websites, letterhead, and other social media accounts.

You could also look into using an incentive, such as giving away a gift at random to someone has completed your Facebook survey, as a way to drive more traffic to your page.

make sure to use facebook insights

8. Appropriate Use of Facebook Insights

Facebook insights are the best thing that has ever happened to businesses looking to use Facebook as their main marketing channel.

This component of Facebook provides information on the people who have liked your page.

After you’ve used this information to identify your Facebook follower’s characteristics, all you have to do is tailor your posts, offers, and comments in a way that will help you appeal to them.

9. Add Social Proofs

The most influential emotion associated with a purchase decision is fear.

People are typically hesitant when it comes to purchasing products from online stores because they are afraid that they won’t be satisfied with the product or service.

You can help alleviate this fear by giving out free samples to popular social media influencers who can then review your product or service for their followers.

However, to minimize marketing expenditures, add social proofs. Social proofs involve recording and displaying testimonials from previous customers.

Testimonials, especially from famous people, can work effectively in branding your products.

A VIP endorsement can provide immediate credibility and alleviate the consumer’s fear.

10. Use the Psychology of Color

Psychological powers can come into play as you employ methods to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook campaign.

Harness the psychological powers of several colors when undertaking this activity. Research has noted that many Facebook users make premature judgments based on the color of the products.

Some of the notable colors that are known to influence the behavior of people of a certain age include the following:

  • The elderly are attracted to blue, green and purple colors because aging increases one’s preference towards cooler and darker colors with shorter wavelengths.
  • Younger people respond more to yellow, orange and red.
  • A good percentage of people dislike the orange color.

With this information in mind, think of your target market before planning and designing your ad.


Coming up with a killer Facebook ad involves understanding the platform extensively and making use of its available features.

Furthermore, rather than considering only the ad itself, try to focus on how the ad will function on the platform when designing your campaign.

Note that frequent engagement and compelling visuals are both important ways to catch your target audience’s attention.

Richard Aumaitre is the CEO of the Florida-based company, Epic SEO. He has several years’ worth of SEO and internet marketing experience helping small to mid-sized business owners grow their respective businesses.


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