A Look Back To 2015 – What You Can Achieve In A Year

A look back to 2015 title

A look back to 2015 title

Only A Few Days Left

As we are nearing December 31st, we are also nearing the end of the year. It is only natural to look back and see what has happened over the year.

This post will be a look back to 2015! I don’t think my year could have been more of a rollercoaster, even if I tried!

From failing at my first business to risking it all by giving up my job, to creating a new life…

What you can learn from this post will be the following:

  • Read a recap version how I went from working at one of the most successful investment banks to giving up the corporate life!
  • How I was introduced to a better life and why I chose to pursue it.
  • The difficulties I came across which you can now avoid.
  • What I’ve achieved and what’s yet to come!

Never in a million years, could I have imagined this ride and I know I just started as well so there will be so much more to conquer.

It takes more than just a dream to make things happen and every story starts somewhere.

This post is about my story and how it happened. It pretty much started in 2015 as it was the tipping point in a life changing experience.

Hopefully you can learn something from this and maybe choose to live the life you want to live eventually.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

The Story (Summarized)

Some of you are familiar with my situation. For me it might just be a look back in 2015, for you it might still be happening right now.

I remember having to drag myself out of bed every day, even on a special day I used to go crazy about like the 24th of December or my birthday, to work!

(In Luxembourg most of us celebrate X-Mas the 24th)

Before I left my corporate life, every day was the same. There were no more special days.

Although we get around 25-30 days off in the year (which is a massive amount) it didn’t matter.

One day off, just means another day of suspense and waiting for the work day to reappear.

Without going too much into detail, I basically felt like I was living to work and not that I was working to live.

My job got so bad that I barely had any lunch breaks, stress on a constant basis and moments where I didn’t get to use the bathroom for the first half of the day.

It wasn’t because my managers were evil, it was just terrible management from the company.

Not only did that affect my physical health, it also critically damaged my personal life.

Whenever I got home I would be grumpy beyond imagination and you can imagine how that reflected in any relationship that meant something to me.

But because I knew from the get-go that I wouldn’t end up like that for the next 45 years, I always tried to find a way out!

The only way out is obviously a different source of income and the more the better!

I’m not saying money is the solution to every problem. However money does give you the option to live a free lifestyle and be more available.

It grants you more things and solves a lot of problems. There’s no arguing in that. So here’s what I did:

  1. I started creating my own company which failed sadly. It was very profitable but too complicated.
  2. I joined a trading course with a proven strategy. However this was just added more stress in my life and I only found out halfway through that I am not made for this type of constant stress.

I saw some success but it was just too much stress to handle whilst juggling my job.

Imagine working from 9am to 8pm every day (without any breaks or barely any), going to discuss and work on your side business and then study.

I would study at least an hour and try to trade for a while. I’d wake up early to either go to the gym or prepare my trades before work.

I was a ticking time bomb and a burnout was bound to happen!

In the end I felt like I was lost! I needed a way out but everything seemed harder than the other.

The day my company was on a tipping point, my partner told me about affiliate marketing.

It was like someone opened the gates into my future and I saw myself in front of my mansion swimming in my pool!

Before my partner could finish the story I was hooked and I wanted to get involved!

The Troubles

I don’t remember the exact date, but around the months of March or April my friend showed me this program which introduced us to making money online.

Unlike most, I went through the whole course in a day and within the second day I had my website up and running according to the lessons taught.

After months I still didn’t see a penny!

I did further research on the course and saw that tons of people did not recommend it!

That’s when I did my own research for something more reliable and proven to work and stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate.

I was so sick and tired of spending money and not getting anything back.

  • I had a whole company which failed.
  • The trading course which was expensive!
  • Now I spent a couple of hundreds on this pointless course and here’s the next one.

But something was different about WA. For the first time I could try out the course, without actually paying for it.

I gave it a try and got 7 days of premium access. This was in May 30th 2015!

I learned more in a day at WA than I did in the last past 5 months and every lesson opened my eyes further.

The course starts off by asking you to set goals, then before you know it you own your first website.

A look back to 2015 stress
I Felt Like I Could Flick Away My Stressful/Current Life Through Affiliate Marketing!

All of the sudden you get stuck, but there are always people around to help you! I was so astonished, that I paid for the whole year within a week.

There are many things I’ve learned from them and many things I’ve learned from people inside the course that I wish I’d knew 5 years ago!

I knew that I had to be patient with this and that sooner or later the money will come rolling in.

On the other hand I still had my life-draining job. But I was so motivated that I had to quit and make my dreams come true.

I managed to get a new job and in between the move, I had 2 weeks off to recover. As it turns out, in those 2 weeks I was told I didn’t get the job!

So now I was jobless! I had other jobs on the line I could have gotten but this was the point in my life where I had to decide:

  1. Go back to my miserable life or…
  2. Create your own life!

It was at that moment that I decided to go full time on Affiliate Marketing!

Panic, Fear, Negative vibes, People telling me otherwise etc. All of these were filling my head with ideas. The first month was dreadful.

Especially my mother kept telling me to get a job and play it safe. Security meant more to her than my vision.

The only people that told me to go ahead we’re either those who believed in me or those that followed a similar path and are incredibly wealthy.

Who would you have listened to?

Scratching The Surface Of Success

I started writing posts daily and started going to the gym daily as well. People started telling me I looked good and I answered “I feel good”.

My stress levels were reduced massively and my girlfriend told me I’m a lot happier.

Deep down I know a lot of people still think I’m crazy/insane/stupid for trying to make money online and that I should just get a job.

But sometimes you have to look past that and prove them wrong!

I decided to try and speed things up because even though I saw some money coming in in the second and third month, it wasn’t much.

I started reading more, learning more and experimenting. It wasn’t until my 5th month that I almost saw my first $100.

Now you might think that’s nothing but you have to be prepared to see nothing for at least a year! That’s what I was counting with.A look back to 2015 dont give up your dream

Last months income report almost reached $1,000! And that’s purely profit as well.

Suddenly I was doing something right and my hunch on Wealthy Affiliate was right!

What’s even better is, that I created my own strategy from the things I’ve learned and made most of that money, entirely passively.

But seeing as I am hungry for success and I have very specific goals I want to reach, I didn’t stop there.

I went from being depressed, angry, unhappy and just getting by, scared and talked down at to healthier and self-employed.

For the first time ever I can proudly say that I am my own boss. I haven’t replaced my old salary yet, but I am close.

Sadly I can’t say this is my success story yet but in a years time we can come back to this post and see what’s changed!

What To Expect For 2016

Knowing what I managed to achieve in just 6 months is astonishing. If I can scale up at that pace, I will definitely get to my goal sooner than expected.

I want to have $1,000,000 in my bank account before the age of 30 and I’m 27 now.

I still have a very long way to go but every day I get closer to that goal. I will continue building my business and you will continue to see everything here.

There have been some major connections built in the last few months I don’t want to discuss quite yet but it is incredible what I managed to achieve from my home.

I had so many sleepless nights because of the projects I’m currently working at but they will pay off.

By February I want to live off my online earnings and sometime within the next year I want to buy my first flat which I want to rent out.

This should generate another $1,000-$1,200 passively every month hopefully.

I constantly set the bar higher because if you hate the current situation you’re living in, get up and do something about it as no one else will do it for you!

Every new milestone that I reach is another success and it feels incredibly great.

  • The first $1 I made, was great yet, I wasn’t satisfied. People kept telling me to be happy as most don’t make anything in a year…
  • The first $10 I made, I had similar feelings and I was scared that I was moving on so slowly. Again people told me to be happy and realize what’s happening.
  • The first $100 I made, I smiled and celebrated slightly but I can’t live off $100 a month so it was a very short celebration.
  • The first $1,000 in profits have been made this month, which you will read about soon and it feels amazing. But there’s more to come!

However that $1,000 is still a bit less than half of what I used to earn so it’s not a major step yet!

I know you should celebrate small successes as well but once I reach my first $10,000 you can expect a proper celebration.

I’m still so happy how things have changed and what I managed through that change I made.

Here are my 20 reasons why you too should consider affiliate marketing as a career.

If I managed to do what I did so far, you too can definitely do it!A Look Back To 2015 merry xmas

With that being said, I wish you a nice holiday and Merry X-Mas and lots of success for the upcoming year.

A look back to 2015 of my life is the only gift I really needed to remind me what I never want to have again and what I dream of having!

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments below!




  1. Indeed, it only takes a year for most people to start seeing success. Glad to hear that you left your unbalanced job, to go and actually do what YOU want be YOUR OWN boss. I honestly can’t wait to see what progress I will make in 2016, and boy…2015 has been a hell of a ride for me, especially within my niche.

    • I wish you all the best for 2016.

      Can’t say 2015 wasn’t an eventful year for me 😛 So many ups and downs and so much more yet to come!

      Thanks for the encouraging words by the way!

      What’s your niche if I may ask?


  2. Wow it seems as though you’ve had an incredibly busy year in 2015 – thanks so much for sharing this journey with us!
    It seems to me that the main powerline of your journey has been the decision to set goals – I try to do this with everything I aim at in life. Are you going to cover 2016 much like you covered 2015 on this site?

    • Thanks for your comment. Well since my website is all about my path to passive income and the struggles that come with it, I feel like it makes sense to give monthly updates as well as yearly 🙂 I suppose that sharing 2016 would be cool to do so too 🙂

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