7 Weird Job Interview Tips To Remember

interview procedure

History Of Interviews

Interviews are always very nerve wrecking. It doesn’t matter how many you do and how many you pass, they always give you a sense of insecurity and uncertainty.

In my short time of employment, I went to quite a few interviews. Casual, formal, phone and group interviews.

I can tell you that I’ve learned more than you can imagine in my very first 2 interviews and since then I’ve always known what to say to get the job.

For some reason I could instantly tell what the person wanted to hear and how to act to give a confident impression. The only hard bit about getting the job is making sure they get to see your CV first and call you for an interview.interview procedure

Having said that, I will provide you with a list of my 7 weird job interview tips for you to remember. I am pretty confident you can at least go in more prepared than you thought you were.

You’re probably wondering why an affiliate marketer is trying to give job advices and tips to pass interviews. Therefore, please do note that you will not find your typical advice for interviews in this article, I can promise you that.

My Personal Experience

When I was still living in London and finishing my degree, it was time for me to start looking for jobs.

I was still very enthusiastic and naive about getting employed and eager to get my first salary.

After going through several websites for job applications, I finally found a position that sounded promising which also promised a lot of opportunity for me to shine through and grow within the company.

Shortly after applying, I got my first phone call. My very first interview started there at that very moment.

I prepared for that moment and although my voice was a bit shaky, I managed to impress the person on the other end, to let me go through to the next round.

During the call I felt a bit weird though. It all seemed to surreal and fake. He told me that I was the “perfect candidate for this position” and that enthusiastic people could easily be looking to make 30k in their first year, but with my qualifications I could be looking at making as much as 40-60k instead.

Although it motivated me I was a bit skeptical. Is this how all interviews work? Or is he trying to lure me into a trap?

Regardless of my thoughts, I ventured on to my next step, which was a group interview.interview process

What they didn’t know, is that I did a thorough research and I found nearly all the tasks and questions beforehand on some forum.

I knew exactly what we were required to do and say that day. When I finally arrived at the place, I thought I must have gotten the wrong address.

The building was run down to the point where I thought it was an abandoned place. However there was a tiny sign on the bell of the company. I was hesitant to ring the bell but then the next applicant came and we walked in together.

abandoned houseHaving finally arrived I saw around 5 similarly young graduates. So this was my competition… Easy.

After the very first task, I already understood exactly what they wanted.

They wanted someone that works hard, does a lot of overtime, becomes the perfect sales person and keeps on hoping for that 60k salary!

Once you finished your first year, you’re so powered out that you look for a new job.

What I Learned That Day

Once I understood what they we’re looking for, I pretty much gave up. My last task was supposed to be a presentation about why I would be the perfect candidate for this role!

(I thought they said I already, was over the phone…)

While I was holding my presentation, the employer was checking his phone and purposely acted uninterested to see how I’d respond to that reaction. But since I didn’t want the job anyway I didn’t bother trying to convince him.

That day they chose the 3 most confident and hardest working people. I specifically remember one of the guys, because we we’re partnered up in a team exercise, where we had to present each other.

He told me he was in the same student job for the last 2 years, where he was asked to take 12-18 hour shifts occasionally.

I barely got out of university and this is what my life will lead to? No thanks!

They we’re looking for easily manipulative candidates to be molded into perfect rats to join the rat race.

Shortly after I moved back home and applied to two jobs that seemed less extreme but more rewarding in terms of salary.

I ended up getting both!

My Odd Advice

I know that most of you came on this page hoping to read some advice on how to shine through and get a job, instead of me ranting about why I didn’t get my first job.

What I am trying to say is that every job I applied to since that day, I either got because I wanted it, or I failed because I just pictured my future in it and realized I would be miserable if I did accept it.

Here’s my list of 7 weird job interview tips if you want to get the job you applied to:

  1. Don’t be yourself – People usually tell you to be yourself and that you will charm your way through. Well I say the exact opposite. If I would have been myself in my interviews, I would be slouching on a chair, telling them all I really want is some money, minor responsibilities and hopefully move up in my position eventually. What you want to be is a character that they want to see and have in their company. Like I mentioned in my story, they love having hard working, enthusiastic, fast learning, eager people to spark up the company. Tell them you would love to work for them and that you are a perfect fit for this position. If there’s something in the job description you don’t understand tell them you will learn and master it in no time, since you’re a quick learner.
  2. Black tie + white shirt – Most websites will tell you to wear neutral colors so that the interviewer can observe and judge you from your behavior instead of your clothes. I however noticed that a light blue shirt and a red tie came across more elegant and human. Colors are known to make people feel differently depending on which color it is. Light colors usually make you more energetic and happy. This doesn’t mean you should show up in neon bright colors though!

    boring colors
    Don’t show up in black and white!
  3. Smile! – I’m very known for my smile. I have a very odd laugh and people always remember me for it. But during an interview you want to make your future employers smirk. Try to casually find out ‘common’ things you could talk about or share with them. Make them smile and they will think that they could potentially find a new friend in you. I’ve always cracked a subtle joke or gotten a smile out of my interviewers and it always seemed to work.
  4. Ask for a drink – Most of the times, when you walk into a room, the person leading the interview will start off by asking if you’d like a drink. I always answered with “Yes water would be nice, thank you.” This doesn’t only show that you’re confident, it also gives you some time to think about how to proceed from there, analyze how your interviewer behaves and you can go through your notes quickly. It kind of lets you settle in and observe the whole situation you’re in.
  5. Listen Carefully – One thing you never want to do is interrupt the person that’s asking the questions. I don’t know how or why some people managed to get through their interviews because a lot of people that I’ve met in offices will never let you finish a sentence. The best way to listen is by slightly leaning forward towards the person speaking, having raised eyebrows to show interest and possibly taking notes every now and then of what they are telling you. You will come across and look like an A-class student!
  6. Ask Questions – Employers want people that can do the dirty work without complaining too much. They want the annoying tasks to be taken care off without worrying about them. Therefore ask as many questions about the position as you can to sound enthusiastic and motivated. Pretend like this is the job you’ve been dreaming of since birth.

For my last point I wanted to write out a whole paragraph of its own. The above 6 tips are genuine tips and tricks I have learned over my experience.

Never Again

Like I said, I’ve gotten every job I ever really wanted. I am not boasting about it or making up lies. The only jobs I didn’t get were the ones I genuinely couldn’t be bothered to get.

The more days I’ve completed in the working force, the clearer the picture became.

At first I thought it was just the position I was stuck in. I thought that by changing company or position I would feel more complete and happier.

Instead I came to realize one thing. I didn’t want to be stuck in this type of life. I have more to offer than doing pointless tasks over and over again until I’m 65.

I’ve written a whole article about how I couldn’t go on that way anymore.

So here’s my 7th and most important advice: Don’t Apply At All!

I’ve always hated the fake attitude I had to shine across in interviews. Both the employer and yourself know that you’re just telling them what they want to hear from you.

Basically an interview is like a casting show and the best actor gets the role nobody really wants!

Time to act

Nobody wants to sit behind a desk, wasting 8 hours a day to get a lousy paycheck.

If you’ve just graduated university, your best days will be over by now if you sign up to a contract.

Wouldn’t you want to continue your freedom and have fun with your friends? Travel the world etc? I wish I’d realized that during my academic years and I could have avoided all this stress.

But it did teach me a valuable lesson and made me want to get as far away from this lifestyle as possible.

Thankfully I found a solution and it only seems a few months away until I can look back and never think of the corporate lifestyle anymore.

I hope that I could open your eyes and make you realize that there’s tons of potential to make money online. Do something you love and it will not only make you wealthy but happy at the same time.

Thanks for reading and for those of you that want to pass the interviews, do apply the first 6 points!

Please leave any thoughts, questions and remarks below. I will kindly respond to everyone. And don’t forget to sign up to my Facebook page!




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