5 Hottest Affiliate Marketing Niches

Finding a niche that makes money fast is much easier said than done. In fact, knowing how to select niches that work is a primary skill of an affiliate marketer. The foundation of a successful site is choosing the right niche; one that drives traffic and converts that traffic into sales.

While you may want to look for an untapped niche, one of the best ways to be successful is actually picking a niche with a lot of competition. More competition usually means a much larger customer pool, so jumping into a competitive niche and producing quality content will help you gain a competitive edge.

Here are the 5 hottest affiliate marketing niches for 2018.

  1. Affiliate/Online Marketing

 One of the top niches that will always be in demand is affiliate and online marketing. With countless consumers looking to jump into affiliate marketing every day, choosing marketing as your niche is a great way to not only reach a lot of people, but help them reach their goals.

You don’t have to be an overnight sensation to share your experiences with online marketing. In fact, sharing your mistakes as well as your successes can help create a genuine following.

Sharing webinars, eBooks, and newsletters can help your subscribers on their own affiliate marketing journey. People want to learn about affiliate marketing, so sharing your journey and what you’ve learned is an excellent niche to get into.

  1. Gaming

With the recent boom of eSports across the world, now is a great time to tap into the gaming niche. From physical games to streaming tournaments, there are a lot of ways to capitalize on the gaming niche.

Virtual reality is starting to pick up as well, which is sure to be a profitable niche that currently doesn’t have a lot of competition. Gaming is one of the most popular activities in the world, making the gaming niche a great way to get into the affiliate marketing game.

  1. Freelancing

  Similar to the affiliate marketing niche, freelancing is a niche that will never go away. Everyone wants to learn how to make money online, and freelancing is a great way to do that.

Even if you have minimal experience with freelancing, you can blog about your experience in the freelance world and provide great tips and tricks to being successful.

The best part about this niche is that it’s capturing a wide audience while still being specific. If you want to break off into sub-niches, the freelance niche gives you the freedom to do so. You give advice about freelance writing, marketing, graphic design, or data entry, to name just a few.

  1. Health

 Widely considered the most profitable niche, health is one of the best choices for new and seasoned affiliate marketers alike. Much like the freelancing niche, the health niche is wide enough that you can easily break it up into multiple sub-niches, which means multiple streams of income.

In fact, the health niche is so wide that we definitely recommend drilling down to a sub-niche. One of the biggest mistakes an affiliate marketer can do is be too broad.

When you’re pumping out content that covers the entire health niche, you’re not targeting a specific group, meaning your viewers may lose interest.

  1. Social Media Marketing

The final hot niche of 2018 is social media marketing. Social media isn’t going anywhere, but how we use it constantly changes.

By tapping into the social media marketing niche, you can document your experiences and provide high-quality webinars and eBooks.

Choosing the Right Affiliate Program

Once you’ve settled on your niche, the next step is to choose the right affiliate program(s). You’ll need to ensure that your website has enough content to be accepted by the various affiliate programs.

For new affiliate sites, the Amazon affiliate program is always a great place to start. While the commissions are lower than some other affiliate networks, Amazon generates a lot of traffic and it’s safe to say that your viewers already shop on Amazon.

Some affiliate networks focus on specific niches whereas others are very broad and cover virtually any niche. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks for finding the right affiliate program for your niche.

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