Monthly Progress Report With Wealthy Affiliate July 2015

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Change Of Routine

So here we are at the end of my second month! It’s been quite a tiring journey but exciting as well. Compared to my first month, my site has developed quite substantially and the content on it as well.

My knowledge has expanded and I am more comfortable with using WordPress and its plugins, as well as a few other software programs now.

Change of routineThanks to Wealthy Affiliate and its members, I have come to the end of the fourth phase of the bootcamp course, by the end of my second month. You will find that my monthly progress report format has slightly changed and I’ve included a lot more details and graphs to share!

I am now taking a small break from the course as suggested and am just expanding the content of my website.

Here are some of the new things I incorporated in my routine:

  • Write a blogpost per day (including weekends if possible)
  • Write at least one review a week
  • Get comments on all posts and pages
  • Share each new post on social media (so far I’m posting on all of my accounts at: Google+, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest)
  • Go to the Gym 4 times a week
  • Include video tutorials occasionally

Other than that there isn’t much more I can share so far. I have however also included Google analytics and can now share more details about my progress.

Of course it is still very early on in my journey and you cannot expect too much of it. As you might know, it’s very hard to judge how long it takes for someone to make money through affiliate marketing as a complete newbie

I read several posts out of curiosity, to find out and give myself an estimate amount of time, to see when there will be the first dollar coming my way.

From what I’ve gathered the rough, rough average can be assumed to be around 3-6 months. A lot of people said it took them around a year!

Some Statistics:

Here are some of my newly found statistics. Please be aware that for my Google Analytics account, I was a bit late in the month so the first few days were not recorded on my graph. I started it on the first Sunday of the month, meaning it only started tracking my traffic from the 5th of July, 2015.

Google Analytics for 2nd month

As you can see above, there is no clear pattern yet but a slight average of around 70 people on my site per day.

I read that I shouldn’t focus too much on analytics and statistics in the early stages of my website, as they tend to not be too accurate and quite unimportant. On the other hand it is nice to see that there are people out there falling on my website already.

What is even more exciting to see is the numbers growing. I also included a screenshot of my plugin statistics, as in my first month progression, I had a screenshot of that following months recordings, from that source.

This way you can at least compare the stats from the same source. But in future I might leave out the plugin stats and just focus on Google Analytics.

The reason behind it is because Google Analytics seems to be a bit more accurate and has a lot more stats to go into for me personally. The graph looks quite neat as well and it’s easier to show you what the daily traffic looks like.

Here is my plugins statistics:

Statpress analysis
I didn’t include the spiders last month

So as you can tell and I literally just noticed this as I’m typing this out, there is a significant increase already!

  • My visitors more than tripled within the second month!
  • RSS Feeds multiplied by 20!
  • Pageviews went from 1,566 all the way to 6,221!
  • Pageviews RSS Feeds jumped a massive gap from 6 to 72!

As for the spiders I cannot comment as I forgot to include them in my first month stupidly…

I am quite amazed how quick this website has grown and how far I’ve already come in such a short term.

The Good News!

I’ve been dying to report back the great news and I forced myself to wait until the end of the month. Since it is now time, I can finally spit it out!

Since going premium at Wealthy Affiliate, not only have I managed to learn all this stuff, such as learning how to create screenrecording videos (find out how it works here) and teaching other people what I’ve learned, using keywords properly to rank in Google, spoken to affiliate millionaires and made new connections, I have also finally made some money!

Yes believe it or not I made my first sale and first few commissions 😀

This might sound a bit ridiculous to you, but for me it was the highlight of the month!

I made my first sale a few weeks ago and although it was a personal friend of mine I managed to get on board, it still counts. Apart from him, I also got 3 referrals, which got me 3 more dollars to my account making it a total of $11 so far!!

That means I am not only one step closer to Vegas (read this post on how I will get my free trip to Las Vegas here) but I am doing something right.

I have also changed:

  1. Layout of my landing page (image preview of my posts)
  2. Created my own logo (video coming soon)
  3. Generated some organic traffic (most important traffic to get)
  4. As mentioned before, made some valuable connections
  5. Already made some cash and therefore further increased my motivation!

I cannot believe the changes that have come towards me and I will keep on working until this will generate enough money to sit back and relax a little in my life.

I also made a few changes to my routine (as you can read up on here), to ensure that my productivity doesn’t start slacking and that I can prevent disasters from happening. organic traffic google analytics

It includes saving every post on word documents and on hard drives etc. Again I would like to point out and really stress how much I value what I’ve learned so far from Wealthy Affiliate, because without them I wouldn’t be near as far as I am now.

I really enjoy what I am doing and I cannot wait to finally make a steady living off it. I now feel like it is more reachable than when I started. The great thing about documenting everything on a monthly basis, is that I see for myself how far I’ve come. I haven’t realized the progress as thoroughly before, as I see these stats on a daily basis.

When comparing it with previous months, it makes more sense and the difference is a lot greater.

What’s Next?

So for my next month, I hope to increase my stats by the following:

  1. Get my Google Analytics stats to go up to at least 2,500 sessions
  2. More importantly get at least 150 organic searches
  3. Get 6 referrals and 2 members going Premium
  4. Have 100 posts/pages on my site (I currently have a total of 50 including this one)
  5. Complete the bootcamp phase 6

I know that these goals are quite optimistic and maybe a bit too high, but I’d rather set the bar higher, in order to work even harder, than set them low and feel like I’m the greatest and become lazy the following month!

Wealthy Affiliate Vegas plane
Vegas plane gone down to 299

As you can see above, my Las Vegas trip will probably not happen this year but I will definitely try my hardest to join next years trip! As for my affiliate rank, I am not too focused on it (which surprises me that I’m in the top 200). I am purely focusing on my website for now as I want to make money as soon as possible.

My monthly progress report template might change over the course of time as I want to include more stats and less writing and hopefully more figures in terms of money coming in. But it is too early too tell for now.

I hope that you enjoy watching my progression and truly see how transparent I am. If you want to learn what I’ve been learning so far, just join me on Wealthy Affiliate! I will be more than happy to help you out and guide you through and it is all for free if you want it to be.

Please leave behind comments. I love hearing your thoughts and especially the nice comments encouraging me to keep going 😉 if you have any questions, I am more than happy to help you out also.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hi Essi what a post! When I read it I just can’t belive how much you accomplished in only 2 months. It’s really motivating for me cause so far I thought I’m doing well but when I saw you I realized its maybe not good enough.Your next month’s goals are realistic I think, and hope they come true..I wish you all the best

    • Hey Erik,

      Thanks 🙂 I was quite amazed by my achievement but now I feel like it could have been a lot better! I’m not sure I can reach my goals for the next month but I’ll try my hardest of course. It seems like people tend to surf less in summer time (on the web that is of course 😉 )
      Thanks again and wish you all the best also!

    • Hi Duong Hong Le,

      You’re very welcome 🙂 I’m happy to show where my earnings are coming from and how I learned it all.
      Thanks for your nice wishes.

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