Easy 17 Successful Habits For All

All in your head

It’s All In Your Head

Have you ever wondered what makes you the exception? Why do certain colleagues get the promotions you desired so much?

How come other people become successful with everything they touch while others are just going through life the slow route? Are we just damned to be unsuccessful until the last breath leaves our body?All in your head

It isn’t a curse we are born with. A lot of it is simply a state of mind that we lock ourselves into and let that state control our everyday habits and behaviors.

Sadly it is decades of habits, that we have become used to and now feel like we haven’t got a chance to get rid of them. If you’ve been writing with your right hand your entire life, try writing one sentence with the left. Unless you are a small exception of people that can naturally do this, it will take you a few months, if not years, to be able to write at a decent, readable level with the opposite hand now.

This goes for our habits as well as our mind frame too.

Luckily nothing is too late. It doesn’t matter how far we’ve come in life, there’s always room for improvement and we can always better ourselves, whether it is linked to our career or personal relationships.

You don’t have to come up and create successful habits in order to break the cycle either. There are plenty of successful people out there and each of them are unique in their way. Yet they all share a lot of similar habits, which prove that their success, partially comes because of these certain habits.

Of course, the earlier you start changing and adapting new habits, the faster you will get used to them and the sooner you’ll see results. So with that being said, let’s jump right into my list of 17 habits, to improve yourself!

 The List

I am not saying that if you apply these habits, that your life will change drastically over the next week or two. However, if you’ve been living the same routine life for the past few years and minor change has come from it, then I can promise you that incorporating these 17 success habits, will make a change over the course of time, in your life.

So if you want to change, feel free to print this article out or take notes and simply try adapting the following on an everyday basis:

  1. Manage your time – With so many tasks to complete and things in our heads to remember, time management is one of the best qualities you could have. If you learn how to prioritize, you will be more efficient in so many ways. Learn to prioritize and gain more time by doing so. It is easier than you think!
  2. Be the ‘one’ – Try to be the guy that people want to have the job taken care by. If you present yourself as the reliable and dependable guy, you will receive higher priority tasks and become more valuable. Make sure to complete requests with high proficiency.
  3. Don’t show off – Having mentioned the above point, don’t get cocky. Once people start relying on you, be humble and make sure you keep your head straight. No one likes a show off. The humble guy is always the preferred person and people will notice your achievements, whether you hear about it or not.
  4. Silence is golden – Listen to people when they speak. Don’t interrupt them and let them finish their sentence. If you are similar to me, then you tend to get a lot of ideas as people speak. My problem however is that I forget the first few things I wanted to say as new ideas constantly pop into my head whilst listening. Therefore take notes if you must. The less you speak the less you can mess up by saying stupid things as well. Once everyone is done speaking point out your ideas. This can also make you look smarter as you come across like a thinker and people become curious to what you have to say.
  5. Don’t lose your focus – I cannot mention this point enough. Set yourself some goals. You should always have long term, as well as short term goals. If you work hard without a purpose, that hard work will go to waste. If you know what you are working towards, you will work with a focus and aim more specifically.

    Have a focus
    Aim for your goal and shoot for
  6. Keep your enemies happy – I’ve had to deal with people I absolutely could not stand, in every single job I ever had, yet I knew they wouldn’t disappear. What solution is there to survive this dreadful human being? Get on their good side. No matter how much you despise them, learn to solve conflicts, rather than fight about it. It will spare many headaches and they can actually become quite useful. In all of my cases, these people have been at their position for years and knew the business inside out. They have most likely never gotten promoted because of their attitude, yet they know each and every single flaw and corner of their work. Therefore they can become a valuable asset to have on your behalf, so befriend them early on!
  7. Don’t let them take advantage – Points 2 and 6 don’t mean you should let other people throw work at you and let them push you around like you are working for them. If things get too much or if you feel like you are being treated wrongly, stand up for yourself. This is often easier said than done, but if you make a stance, people will see leadership qualities (and they will see you’re not there to play games).
  8. Stop wasting time – I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘work smart not hard’ before. Well now it’s time to apply this saying. I’ve done so many countless hours of overtime in my previous job for no reason. If tasks would be divided appropriately and smarter, all these hours could have been scratched.
  9. Think before you speak – Always know beforehand what you want to say, especially in situations where you look bad. If you can talk your way out of bad situations, with valuable arguments it is always a positive. A spokesperson is hard to find and a valuable asset to every company.
  10. Make connections – Be out ‘there’, is what one of my managers once told me. If you are likable and know people, it can be a huge advantage. You might be surprised what worth a friendship or a connection could have in future. Make as many friends as possible, you won’t regret it!
  11. Do what you love – I heard it several times but only understood now how I can apply it. Do something you love and you will never work another day in your life. I’ve found something I truly have a passion for and it is now my ‘job’. I don’t feel like I’m working though which is the beauty in it. Success naturally follows if you work in something you’re already an expert or passionate about.
  12. Copy – Paste – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Copy proven success! If there are millions of successful people that run the same type of business you want to be in, study how they achieved success and copy them. You can achieve the same, if not more, if you avoid their mistakes and follow their footsteps.
  13. Record your progress – Write down what you’ve achieved regularly (see my example here) to see what needs improvement, to motivate you or to see in which areas you could work harder at!

    Writing progress
    Write Down Your Progress
  14. Start with yourself – If you believe you can do it, other people will do to. Be confident and don’t shy back. Even if you struggle and get nervous, try to remain calm on the outside.
  15. Stay young – Always be aware of the newest news. Make sure you’re the one that knows everything already. Be ahead of competition and continuously educate yourself in your field.
  16. Don’t quit – I know how hard it can be to succeed believe me. But successful people don’t give up when times are hard. That is literally the point where winners and losers are separated. When situations get hard, you have to fight back even harder and success will follow!
  17. From A to Z – Know your field inside out. The more you know, the less you need to rely on others. This is why it is important to educate yourself in all areas around your topic. Instead of having to rely on others, you can be in total control.

Too Much To Ask?

If you just read through this list, I hope you realized that it is a lot easier to do these things, than expected. Some might be harder than others, but generally they are all attainable.

Don’t let others be superior or look down at you. Everyone that wants to be successful has to realize that success comes with a price. That price is simply to want to achieve something and to do it by working with a focus.Progress over time

Learn to adapt these successful habits and watch how things start shifting towards your benefit. It isn’t impossible to be developing successful habits for yourself. These were just 17 points but there are thousands of others. If you can complete 5 of these every day, that’s already a good start and you should realize that the remaining 12 are just as easy.

Leave comments behind if you found this useful or if you completely disagree. Have you used any of these habits before and have they proven to be useful? Or have you maybe had terrible, backfiring experiences instead? I’ll be happy to read and respond to your comments.




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  1. Great post, I like the best these two: do what you love and start with yourself. I think when we know what is inspiring us and are starting to work on our self, the success is near. I see you have found your passion and I wish you all the best, keep up the good work. 🙂 Thank you for the tips, some of them are on my list now.

    • Hey Jasmin,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Maybe you would even enjoy this one here it’s slightly similar but focuses more on staying motivated 🙂 maybe you’ll find some more points to add to your list 😀

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