10 Most Popular Blog Sites You Should Follow

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How I Came Up With This List

For a long time now, I’ve been watching certain websites and observing them closely.

I read their blogs and articles regularly and it is because of these blogs,blogging setup that I myself got started with affiliate marketing.

For that same reason, I thought I’d share this list of blogs, I love landing on.

Most of these websites have been creates by affiliate marketers that share their affiliate earnings.

I want to share this list, so that you get inspired and start your own business or for those of you that already made the leap and just want to learn additional information, from highly influential bloggers.

The list I’m about to share with you might not exactly be the 10 most popular blog sites for you, but they are definitely the 10 most influential for me.

The List:

quicksprout website logo

#10 – QuicksproutAffiliate Earnings: unknown

I’ve only come across Quicksprout recently and I am quite annoyed I didn’t discover this gem earlier!

I could spend days on this website for simple reasons. Neil Patel blogs an incredible amount of useful information on his blog. I literally learn something new to improve my website on there every time I fall back on it.

When entering the page you can also perform a quick analysis of your site to get an idea how well it’s performing and where you can improve see my current score on the below image:

quicksprout seo tester
Could be a lot better!

As you can see, it feels like Quicksprout is the doctor or personal trainer of blogs and helps you evolve into an authority site! There is a course you could sign up to on his site, but I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t comment on it.

make money learning logo

#9 – Make Money Lessons – Affiliate Earnings: August 2015 – $2,242.22

This website or blog is very similar to the style I’m going for. Dean Saliba mainly blogs about different ways you could make money online.

It is a very neat website as he also blogs regularly and all his articles are pretty interesting.

What makes MML different from all the other blogs, is that he covers a wide range of topics. It’s not always related to money. He likes to cover topics he is genuinely passionate about.

His affiliate earnings aren’t massive, but if you think about someone doing something he loves as his job, the money is more than justified.

logo of pinch of yum

#8 – Pinch Of Yum – Affiliate Earnings: August 2015 – $43,736.59

Warning! If you get hungry easily do not enter this blog! Pinch of yum is probably the most delicious blog I found online.

pinch of yum food
Some of their recipes

What I love most about this website, is that you have an amazing couple that created a business around their passion, which is food obviously.

It is one of those typical examples that I’m trying to explain to my readers, that you can make money online with any of your passions or anything you love.

Besides blogging delicious recipes, I especially like this blog because it has a very natural and kind touch to it. You can tell that the creators, Lindsay and Bjork are very nice people, which comes across their articles and makes them so much more enjoyable to read.

On the other hand they are making more than just a full time income with their blog which is more than impressive as well!


wikipedia logo

#7 Wikipedia:

Maybe I can’t include Wikipedia in this article as it is not really a blog. Nevertheless I have to say it has a lot of blog type features.

People can add their own posts onto it and therefore it kind of has the same features as guest blogging for an authority site.

I did however want to include Wikipedia, simply because it has such a huge amount of detailed information on it and we’ve all used it before.

I don’t think there is one student that hasn’t used this website before.

There are several different languages in which you can access this website which is also incredibly useful for international users.

I mainly use this website to get definitions of things I don’t fully understand and continue my research on other websites for more specialized content.

my tan feet travel logo

#6 My Tan Feet – Affiliate Earnings: August – $6,015.02

Yeison Kim is another great example of how you can literally work anywhere across the globe when becoming an affiliate marketer.

He basically makes a living traveling the world and exploring beautiful new countries with his girlfriend Samantha.

blog example of my tan feet
An example of their adventures

They blog about their experiences and also write nice guides for anyone that wants to travel as well.

They write about useful tips such as money expenses and also include fun activities you might want to try and which destinations you want to explore within the country.

I included this blog not only because it is enjoyable to read and fun to see what countries I want to go and see for myself, I included it because it’s what I would love doing myself and I still haven’t fully understood why I’m not currently in a foreign country right now.

Their affiliate earnings are very decent, especially when all you need is a fraction of their income for the places they go to see!

I truly admire blogs like these and therefore I had to include it in my top 10 list.

timothy sykes logo

#5 – Timothy Sykes – Affiliate Earnings: Around $350,000.00

Besides his incredible success in the stock market, the penny stock millionaire trader and workaholic Tim Sykes also writes quite an interesting blog.

I call him a workaholic because besides teaching, blogging and trading everyday, this self made millionaire seems to be constantly creating new projects, take interviews, create DVD’s etc.

In the past few months I haven’t read many of his reports, but every now and then I get one of his Emails that capture my attention of a new blog post he created.

This is mainly a financial blog so it’s probably not for everyone. However he does have quite a few interesting articles about his life and his students.

He meets a lot of famous people and pretty much lives a life I chase.

I’ve met Tim Sykes personally in 2014 when I was part of his program. Sadly I can’t say I’m one of his success stories.

Timothy Sykes in Vegas
Meeting Tim Sykes In Las Vegas

I have to admit that trading isn’t for me as it involves too much stress for my nerves. He did however teach me incredibly much information and I still value and thank him for that.

Definitely have a look at what he’s achieved and his crazy lifestyle (which got tamed down a little since his engagement).

A lot of people criticize him for showing off his money, but I agree with his point of view, that it serves more as a purpose of encouragement to get people motivated to start creating their own success.

As a last note I wanted to add that he is a very genuine person as well and gives back a lot to his followers and charities!

smart passive income logo

#4 – Smart Passive Income – Affiliate Earnings: July 2015 – $119,023.72

Pat Flynn is one of the main motivations I got involved in this business. He opened my eyes and showed me that you can make insane amounts online if you just get involved.

I have to say that I mainly visit his website for his Podcast. It is incredibly informative and enjoyable to listen to.

What separates this blog from others, is that he has a lot of guest features on his podcast and his income is just insane.

He writes E-books, creates apps has affiliate sites and many more income streams.

I don’t understand how he get’s all of that done but he does and it is very motivating. I feel lazy every time I see the breakdown of his income reports.

Eventually I want to have several different sources like his as well. He is a great inspiration for everyone in my eyes.

Mamytwink Gamer

#3 – Mamytwink – Affiliate Earnings: Unknown

This blogger here is a bit of a special feature for me. The reason I include Florian’s blog is because we actually used to go to the same school together.

Unfortunately we weren’t friends back then and we only got to know each other recently.

I found out about his success through mutual friends. What I love about his blog is that he is a passionate gamer that created a blog entirely dedicated to World of Warcraft.

Sorry to disappoint everyone that just clicked on his link and found out that it’s all written in French!

This blog again is a typical example how you can turn your passion into a living. It kind of motivates me in a way that the online success is achievable to anyone. I mean here’s an example of someone that made it, who used to live near me.Vlog channel of mamytwink

If you’re a French speaker you should definitely have a look at his YouTube channel. There are a lot of great entertaining videos there.

I will also include an interview with Florian, which is currently still under construction. I will link it here in eventually if you care to read it.

kyle and carson wealthy affiliate creators

#2 – Kyle and Carson – Affiliate Earnings: Unknown

If you haven’t heard of Kyle and Carson yet, you will definitely be pleased to read about them here.

Kyle and Carson have been active within the internet marketing world since 2002. They both met and turned their knowledge and passion into an incredible community.

This again doesn’t necessarily count as a blog as much as the other sites, but then again since there is thousands of people in the community blogging about all sorts of stuff, I will include it.

wa blog posts
Example Blogs of WA

Additionally it is the website that taught me almost everything I know about affiliate marketing and blogging.

If you would like to get started or involved within any type of internet related business, this is definitely the place to go to.

I especially love their site since I can always ask for advice or help. If I feel a bit down and unmotivated I simply browse through the users and find some motivational blogs or stories and get back to work.

My Path To Passive Incom

#1 – My Path To Passive Income – Affiliate Earnings: August 2015 – $22.50

And last but not least, I include my own blog of course!

What separates me from the rest of the blogs, although we all have a lot of similarities, in my blog I am showing you my entire process from the very first day.

I am also completely transparent like a Pinch of Yum and Smart Passive Income does in their monthly earnings reports.

However, I also show my struggles and what I learn throughout my journey, where I get my information from and what to avoid etc.

my path to passive income getting started menuI also exploit scams that some people might consider buying or signing up to, in order to help prevent losing some money.

Finally what my blog really separates from most blogs here, is that I truly and honestly wish for everyone to be able to do what they love as a job.

When I was employed in a typical corporate type of organization I didn’t understand how people can go through this for 40+ years. I’ve often mentioned how I escaped this world and could never go back.

Through my blog I want to encourage others to do the same and have little more of life than sitting on a desk all day.

And in my ‘Getting Started’ section I add all the articles that help you create your own blogs in quick step-by-step guides that come completely for free!

As you can see there are so many different types of blogs I’ve just mentioned and surely your passion can be monetized somehow as well. It doesn’t necessarily have to be through blogging either.

About The Affiliate Earnings

I included some of the affiliate earnings of some of the blogs listed above. I have to say that not all of their income comes purely from affiliate earnings.

Some of these earnings could be from other online sources such as Ebooks or advertisements.

I just summarized it as affiliate earnings since it’s easier than breaking down their entire income. You can visit their sites to see what other projects brought in their money.

Final Word

Now that you have my list of most popular blogs, I would like to hear about your own views. Which one of the above mentioned blogs is your favorite type of blog?

Do you have a blog that I haven’t mentioned that particularly sparks your interest? Or are you running a blog of your own that’s making some money on the side, by any chance?

Share your comments and thoughts with me. I’m always happy to read and reply to them.

Additionally I have to ask you not to forget to subscribe to my mailing list and signing up to my Facebook page. I know you were going to anyway but this is just a reminder 😉

Thanks for reading,



    • Hello again,
      I think they are great posts simply because it’s such an enjoyable thing they’re doing. The fact that they make a living of it too is simply amazing.
      That’s how amazing the internet lifestyle can be. Enjoy what you love doing and get paid for it!
      That’s what a real job looks like to me 🙂

    • Hey Samantha!

      Of course I included you guys 🙂 your story is so inspiring and my goal!
      One day I will be traveling the world with my girlfriend and work from wherever I please 🙂
      You guys are a great inspiration to us!
      Keep up the great work and thanks for your comment,

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